Muslims in the Philippines observes Eidul Adha 1438H

COTABATO City – Millions of Muslims in the Philippines has observed Eidul Adha Festival or Feast of Sacrifice this year. Bangsamoro Muslims in Manila, in the Visayas region and here in Mindanao celebrates the day when Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail passed the test of Allah. 

Allah has ordered prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son but the evil tempted Ibrahim not to slaughter his only son however Ibrahim and Ismail religiously fulfilled what was commanded to them and had toppled the shaytan. 

Ibrahim executed what he saw in his dream when he commanded by Allah to offer his son for a sacrifice. Muslim scholars says that when he is about to kill Ismail, Allah ordered angel Jibril to replace his son with animal like sheep.

In the City of Cotabato on Friday, Muslim families went to various places of worship to do their Eidul Adha congregational prayer early as 6:30 in the morning. An old man who performed prayer in the Jamiat Cotabato Mosque in Cotabato City asked by luwaran team on what his wish this day of ‘feast of sacrifice’ said, “he thank Allah for the blessings he receives, good health, and most importantly peace in Mindanao.”  

After the prayer, they eat together in Halal Restaurants. Moro native delicacies such us “tapay”, “tinumis”, “pastil”, “dudol”, native coffee, and other native homemade foods were commonly serve in the table. 

Other family went to visit their relatives in the provinces; others meet orphans in the orphanage centers in Maguindanao and Cotabato City. 

Some other institutions like the Insani Yardim Vakfi or IHH based in Turkey and the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) are among of the organizations who have distributed qurban to Moro communities.