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Finally, Rohingyas get the attention

During the conference, Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel peace prize winner, repeatedly faced pressure from her fellow ASEAN leaders as well as world leaders to explain how her country would solve step by step the Rohingya crisis, and how the displaced minority would be repatriated from Bangladesh to their home region in Myanmar.Suu Kyi held bilateral meetings with UN Secretary...

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Disturbing development!

Even Turkey and Iran, which possessed old civilizations and were once empires, are also under constant threat both from within and without.  Pakistan is not an exception. It is also beleaguered from all sides and is ceaselessly castigated for allegedly supporting the Taliban.  But the real reason is because it is a nuclear power.There are thousands of leaders in this region, no doubt...

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A timely call!

The President further said: “If we do not act on it (BBL) expeditiously, we are a headed for another trouble, so I hope Congress can fast track it because they (MILF and MNLF) are getting impatient. We will comply on our side [of the peace agreement],”“This is not even a promise, but a commitment,” he added.These were exactly the words of the President as quoted by leading newspapers and other...

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MILF’s new role in Marawi City

Moreover, we are confident that the MILF had done all things properly in accordance with Islam and in full observance of the parameter of the peace process with Government.Immediately after May 23 when the siege of Marawi City started, the MILF Central Committee was convened in plenary session to discuss and adopt appropriate measures in response to the crisis. Various decision points were made...

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