IN PHOTO- Guests and Resource Speakers during the Sulu Provincial Summit on Moro Convergence held at MSU - Sulu Gym on May 12, 2018

MNLF, MILF of Sulu hold Provincial Peace Summit on Bangsamoro convergence

COTABATO CITY. May 16, 2018. The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) of the Province of Sulu conducted a peace summit on Bangsamoro Convergence, and in support to the passage of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and Anti - Terrorism Campaign held at Mindanao State University (MSU) - Sulu Gymnasium, Jolo, Sulu on May 12, 2018.

The said event was organized by BASULTA Contact Group under the leadership of its Executive Director Benhur Usman with financial assistance from The Asia Foundation (TAF) and The Aus-Aid.

The Summit was attended by 200 participants mostly community leaders of MNLF, MILF, Professional and Youth sectors, women and traditional sectors from different Municipalities of the Province.

The activity aims to orient and update the Sulu populace on the ongoing peace process particularly the passage of BBL and build peace constituency that will support the Bangsamoro aspiration. 

The resource speakers were unanimous in their contention that the passage of BBL is an antidote to terrorism and radicalism. 

Acting Provincial Chairman Abdulmotalib Ismi of MILF Northern Sulu delivered a message of unity and solidarity of the two fronts.

He said, " This is now the time we have to unite as one Bangsamoro regardless of our affiliation. Now is the time we have to leave a legacy to our children, a harmonious relationship with our brothers in faith and humanity. "

The prominent personalities who attended were the following : Prof. Sahie Udjah, Head of MNLF Provincial Secretariat ; Hadji Mansur Pawaki - MNLF Jolo Municipal Chairman ; Alandonie Hassan, MNLF Lupah Sug Revolutionary Chairman; Hadji Cesar Alil - MILF Provincial Chairman, Central Sulu; Abdulmotalib Ismi - MILF Acting Provincial Chairman, Northern Sulu; Sitti Raida Ismi - Provincial Chair, MILF - SWC, Northern Sulu; MILF Base Commander Musackal Abbie,  117th Base Command of Sulu and Tawi - tawi; Dr. Hanbal Bara, Dean,  Graduate School - MSU Sulu; Judge Muhusar Amil - President of Bangsamoro Professionals and other Sulu leaders of their own right. 

Prof.  Udjah, the MNLF Provincial Secretariat Head gave a message on convergence of all fronts. 

He argued, " MNLF and MILF are the legitimate defenders of the Bangsamoro people. We are both fighting oppression. Let us support the passage of BBL to correct injustices."

Dean Dr. Bara of Mindanao State University on his part thanked the organizer of the summit and called for the Unity and Solidarity of all sectors by supporting the passage of the BBL.

The summit concluded by signing a covenant showing their unconditional support to peace process and passage of BBL. 

IN PHOTO-Participants of Sulu Provincial Summit on Bangsamoro Convergence