Trainers Training for Enhancing Capability Building of A’immah, Du’at, Murshideen, and Murshidat held in Davao City

Cotabato City-About 30 participants from different units of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)-Central Committee attended Trainers Training on Capability Building with the theme, “Enhancement of A'immah, Du'at, Murshideen & Murshidaat for Effective Peace advocacy” held at El Bajada Hotel Function Hall in Davao City on July 19-20. 

As agreed upon between the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and the MILF to end the recruitment or engagement of children in combat by the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF-MILF), the Moro Front strengthens its commitment by implementing peace mechanisms one of them is to conduct Training of Trainers for its various unit/s that concerns child protection, military matters including the religious. 

The two-day training was focused on so-called Magnetic Da'iyah, Effective Khutbah, Effective Speaker & Masjid Management. It was spearheaded by Sheikh Abdulhadie Gumander III, head of the focal persons from Religious Unit of the Central Committee in partnership with the UNICEF. 

He reminded the participants that the program aims to strengthen the ability of Khatibs (one who delivers sermon for Jama'ah during Friday Congregational Prayers in Masajid) to make themselves effective in the presentation of their topics given by the MILF Committee on Daw’ah and Masajid Affairs.

The Khatibs were reminded by their superiors before they are dispersed to various masajid that in their sermons (Khutba), they have to counter radicalisms and violent extremisms that continue to spread in the homeland. 

Addressing the participants, woman focal person, Wilma Madato of Bangsamoro Islamic Women Auxiliary Brigade stressed in her message, “Make yourself efficient & effective Da'ieh, Khatib & Manager of your Masjid, and make a gradual transformation in leading your community by reminding the children to avoid joining radical or extremist groups because you have that big role in your respective communities. 

Another Focal Person Sheikh Marhan Burhan, Chairman of the Da'wah Committee of Bandar Cotabato emphasized to the participants that what they have gained during the training should be re-echoed or mentioned when delivering khutba (Sermon) during Friday prayers. 

In the last of the program, he stressed, "We selected and chose you because you are trusted people to do the task. And in the name of peace, deliver your responsibility well. This is an 'Al-Amanatul lakum' (trust from Allah) that we are all accountable in the hereafter, so we expect you to do your part as we already trained you on how to be an effective speaker, khatib (Solemnizing officer). 

Esmail Ebrahim in his message told the participants that their role is very significant in the current situation today. That it may give impact to the whole development of the society especially now that the peace process has come to its realization with the passing of the Organic Law for Bangsamoro (better known as Bangsamoro Basic Law) by Congress. In shaa Allah it will be fully implement. 

In his closing message, Sheikh Gumander III told the participants to make use of the tool shared to them to become an effective Da'ieh, khatib or manager, and as leader as well who play an important role in the Bangsamoro homeland. 

“The very challenge is the application of your learnings, but because you are a leader, we believed you can do your part to succeed in support to the peace process,” he added.