“We Must Upgrade Ourselves Morally, Intellectually, and in Leadership Skills“-Al Mansoor

“We must upgrade ourselves, morally intellectually and in leadership skills,” said Abdulraof “Sammy Al Mansoor” Macacua during the 50th Foundation anniversary of the Al-Muslimin Alpha Phi, Inc. (AMAPI) at Genalin Resort and Convention Center, Barangay Calean, Tacurong City on November 3, 2018.

He was invited by organizers as guest of honor and speaker of the occasion. 

Macacua is the Chief of Staff of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)and the Secretary General of UBJP, an MILF-principled political party. 

Another important remark was articulated by Honorable Freddie G. Mangudadatu, incumbent Mayor of the Mangudatu town in Maguindanao who said, “We must give all out support to the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL). 

Mayor Mangudadatu is an aspirant for the governorship of Maguindanao. 

Macacua stressed that morally, we must see the example set by the Holy Prophet (peace by upon him) when the Almighty described him as one who possessed best character among all of humanity. On intellect, we must refer to the command from the Almighty when He said: “read” in the first verse of the Noble Qur’an when it was revealed to the prophet. On leadership, he cited the example of Gov. Esmael “Toto” G. Mangudadatu, who made good performance in office. But his speech of effulgence was perplexed by frequent power interruptions. 

Mayor Mangudadatu on the other hand called on every one to favorably contribute to the success of the BOL. Accordingly, he heard some negative remarks connecting the Mangudadatus to the BOL but he said, that is not true. He further said, if you hear similar words involving the Mangudadatus, please confirm the truth with him.

Abu Huraira Udasan, Bangsamoro Grand Mufti spoke of interpreting important verses from the Qur’an. He said: those who put their hands one above the other for purpose of covenant for unity and good deeds, the Hands of Allah are together above them.

Present in the gathering hosted by Gov. Mangudadatu were more than 500 individuals composed of AMAPI members, families and friends. He was joined at the presidential table by Mayor Mangudadatu, Mayor Midpantao “Antao” Midtimbang of Guindulongan, Mayor Abdulkarim Langkuno of Paglat, Director Sultan Tungko M. Saikol of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, General Akmad Mamalinta of the PNP, Pendatun Alim of the Bureau of Custom, and businessman Datu Haron Bandila. 

Banquet and giving of awards were the highlights of the celebration.