Stakeholders hold Advocacy on Understanding Bangsamoro Organic Law in SSB town

Sultan Sa Barongis, Maguindanao--- Through the Joint efforts of MILF Political Committee, the United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP), Social Welfare Committee (SWC), and Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) an “Advocacy Program on Understanding BOL” was held at Barangay Tugal on November 11, with the support of the Local Government unit (LGU) of Sultan Sa Barongis (SSB). 

Barangay Captain Zuharto Talintam in his opening message expressed his thanks to the organizers for choosing their barangay as the host of the advocacy program.

 He said that the advocacy is very important to his constituents so that they will understand what the BOL is all about, its benefits to people and communities.

Lasting peace in Mindanao would depend on the outcome of the plebiscite slated on January 21st, next year, he said.

SSB UBJP Chairman Rahmuda Dading in his message mentioned the historical injustices committed to the Bangsamoro people by colonialists, and the atrocities they have undergone during Martial Law period. 

He said that situation in Bangsamoro region becomes quite peaceful as we can see small glittering of hope in the future with the passage of OLBARMM, formerly known as Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), and these gains are results of the patience, hard work and sacrifices of our Moro leaders.

Ust. Abdelfattah Delna, Chairman Hayatul Ulama Branch 6-- Central Committee (CC) of the MILF in his message presented the principles and ideology of the MILF. He said that the current leadership is the continuation of the Chairmanship of the late Ameer-Ul Mujahedeen Ust. Salamat Hashim, Allaho Yarhamu, who was succeeded by Al Haj Murad Ebrahim after the death of the former chairman.

The MILF goals are to achieve right to self-determination, betterment of Bangsamoro peoples’ lives, and communities through uplifting their condition from poverty, and marginalization as a results of injustices, tyranny and oppression, he said.

When Bangsamoro Region is finally in place, be reminded that it will take ten (10) years of more before gradually changing the quality of life of Bangsamoro People, and second, it’s just like a traveler, this is the beginning of Bangsamoro journey meeting various challenges ahead.

Prof. Esmael A. Abdula, KPI President, Chairman Campaign and Mass Mobilization- Central committee on Information-MILF, said that the Bangsamoro People did not fought this government because we are minority in the region but, because of injustices and tyranny by the oppressive colonial masters and the succeeding Filipino regimes. 

Abdula said that in a parliamentary system, we are not independent, we are still part of Philippines but we have the authority to govern our own. 

He underscored the inclusivity of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) once it is established after the plebiscite. 

He told the participants that the future Bangsamoro Government would be consultative, collective and transparent.