In photo- (2nd fr left) Dr. Muhammad Faisal, Head, Nahdatul Ulama of Indonesia, (center) Bangsamoro Grand Mufti Abuhuraira Udasan

Indonesia’s Ulama Groups meet with Bangsamoro Ulama in Camp Darapanan

Cotabato City– Sheikh Abuhuraira Udasan, Grand Mufti of Bangsamoro in his welcome remarks during the visit of a delegation from Dayah Darul Ihsan and Nahdatul Ulama of Indonesia underscored the significance of conversation of Islamic Scholars with its neighbors. 

He said that in any Ulamah conversation, it is the Glorious Qur’an that unites and reconciles each other, and even with another party.” 

The visit of the two prominent ulama groups from Indonesia on November 14 in Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao was attended by all units of Ulamah Conference in the Bangsamoro. 

Grand Mufti Udasan who led the Darul-Iftah group of ulamah narrated how the Bangsamoro people were suppressed and discriminated by colonial oppressors that gave them a reason to ponder and analyze the situation in the homeland leading to the organization of a Moro Revolutionary group, later on called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), as a real Islamic in principle and nature. 

He added that the factors made them to strengthen the Front which is being supported by the Bangsamoro people are based on their four (4)-point agenda: 

1) Islamization that is to convert the Moro Society into real Islamic Society that all aspect of their life must be Islamized.  

2) Strengthening of organization which is now improving

3) Organized and strengthened the Military Build-up which is about forty thousand (40,000) of combatants, and lastly,

4) The Self-reliant base where everybody continues to rely on their own provision for all their needs. 

In his message, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, representative of Aceh Dayah Darul Ihsan shared the historical background of their homeland, how their struggle started, and how they attained a meaningful autonomy. 

According to him, Aceh is governed by the Qur-an and Hadith. 

“Allah Subhanahu wa taala united our hearts with one common goal, and where people of Aceh having that strong unity, then the Mercy of Allah came, and we won in our struggle. It means, unity makes our struggle succeed,” he further said.