Gensan City hosts Special Iftar for orphans, widows and the underprivileged

The city government of General Santos  hosted the Special Iftar (break of a fast) for Muslim orphans, widows and the underprivileged including solo parents on Wednesday May 29 at Mindanao State University- Gensan covered court.

The Iftar reception is now in its seventh year and it was facilitated by the City Mayor’s Office – Indigenous Cultural Affairs Division.

“We invited the orphans, widows, solo parents and the some underprivileged families as our special guests in this LGU-sponsored Iftar,” Jocelyn Lambac-Kanda, Division Chief of CMO-ICCAD said.

Aside from the Iftar meal served, CMO-ICCAD also facilitated the provision of Ramadan food packs shared by benevolent sponsors. 

Invited Ulama (Muslim scholars) shared the virtues and benefits of fasting to individual and the society.

“This occasion provided an opportunity for our sponsors to reach out the underprivileged Muslim Generals,” Kanda added.

She said the special Sftar where needy Muslims were served, manifests one of the important virtues of the holy month of Ramadan which is sharing or giving charity. 

“Actually, this is an innovation unlike the previous Iftars wherein most of the guests were Muslim community leaders and development partners,” Kanda disclosed.

In his inspirational message, Mayor Ronnel Rivera said “We have innovations and still have many things to do to improve our programs in order to provide the Muslim constituents with better services.” 

He also thanked the Muslim community leaders for supporting the development initiatives of the city government.

“Rest assured, we in the LGU will continue to innovate, partner with the Muslim religious and community leaders and institutions,” Rivera said.

Fasting during Ramadan is obligatory to able-bodied Muslims. A fasting Muslim abstains from eating, drinking and engaging in sexual acts with spouse from the break of dawn till sunset.