UNYPAD-RANAO celebrates Aluminum Anniversary

MARAWI CITY-June 18, 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of United Youth for Peace and Development – Relief Assistance Network and Organization (UNYPAD-RANAO) which served the most socially and economically disadvantaged communities in Southern Philippines. 
The organization’s Aluminum Anniversary with a theme “A decade of promoting peace and development in achieving long lasting peace in Mindanao” was held at Lake View, Marawi City with all participants strictly adhered to health protocols such as social distancing, and wearing of masks.

UNYPAD-RANAO has focused their programs and services in Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte. 

The event was attended by its international and local partners in development work such as Catholic Relief Services, The Asia Foundation, People in Need, Relief International, local government unit (LGUs) while other partners were not able to attend due to the travel restriction imposed for COVID-19 prevention effort. 

UNYPAD-RANAO executive director, Ansary Diamaoden warmly welcomed the participants to the event thanking every one for their untiring supports which provided the organization the strength and courage to continue its development interventions through-out the years. 

Diamaoden emphasized that achieving sustainable peace in Mindanao requires multi-stakeholders’ action, and UNYPAD-RANAO alone could not possibly make significant change without its local and international partners. 

The UNYPAD-RANAO partners in the implementation of programs said that they are thankful that UNYPAD-RANAO was organized in order to reach Moro communities where international organizations were not able to do themselves due to security restrictions. 

They also highlighted how the organization bravely continued to stay within Marawi City during the 2017 siege just to support the most affected people trapped in the city. 
LGUs representatives reiterated how they have been working untiringly with UNYPAD-RANAO to improve good governance and development initiatives in their respective contexts which are significantly affected by displaced population and the current pandemic. 

The UNYPAD-RANAO gave awards to its ‘fearless heart’ employees who also faced the challenges and took the risks to serve the communities throughout the years especially since Marawi Siege and in this trying time of COVID-19 pandemic. 

The organization also provided tokens of appreciation to all its active partners and thanked them for the continued partnership which afforded the organization to gradually achieve its long-term visions in the Bangsamoro communities. 

Diamaoden expressed his sincere gratitude to all personnel, and other individuals who are instruments in making the organization reached its vision. 

“Without you here as partner, UNYPAD-RANAO would not have been here too, so accept our heartfelt gratitude and let us continue to work together in providing and supporting communities. Our work is obligatory, and it is our collective responsibility to help those who needs our help, as a human being and as a Muslim,” Diamaoden said.