DAB holds FGD on Moral Governance to Leaders of the Indigenous peoples

Cotabato City (August 5, 2020) -The Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB) held Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for Leaders of Indigenous Peoples at the BARMM Compound, Wednesday, August 5. 
Timuay Jun Panalog, a Teduray Representing Cotabato City compared good governance and moral governance. He said, in good governance it is external. You satisfy the community through social services, while moral governance is both external & internal. Internal means, you have to satisfy the spirit or souls which are around but cannot be seen by naked eyes, yet we are accountable to them." 

Timuay Jun mentioned about delivery of basic goods & services direct to the grassroots such as rice, health care kits etc. Their community somehow felt the presence of moral governance. 

In the opening message of Director Ustadh Hisham S. Nando of DAB, he quoted one of the speeches of Chief Minister Al Haj Ahod B. Ebrahim that says, "Our government should bear the responsibility of educating and the economic well-being of the Bangsamoro Indigenous peoples...this is one of the essence of moral governance with its slogan ‘no one is left behind.’

In conclusion Dr. Shamsuddin L. Taya, Head of Research Department of DAB said, Inclusivity is very important principle in any governance, and in moral governance as well, especially in the provision of the BOL where indigenous peoples should be incorporated in the development plan of the BARMM.