Photo courtesy of Majority Leader MP Atty. Lanang Ali, Jr.

‘Bangsamoro Administrative Code passage, an important part of peace agreement implementation’: MP Majority Leader Atty. Lanang Ali, Jr.

Majority Leader MP Atty. Lanang Ali, Jr. said the passage of the Bangsamoro Administrative Code serves as an important step that the Bangsamoro people is in the stage of implementing the very important part of the peace agreement.
In his message posted at his Facebook page, Ali pointed out that the Bangsamoro Administrative Code would give face to the Bangsamoro Government.

“That is why we are hoping that this Bangsamoro Administrative Code will be passed soon because this is for our people, fellow Bangsamoro, and for the goodness and success of the Bangsamoro Government,” Ali underscored.

“Alhamdulillah said draft bill was unanimously approved at the committee level and on its way to the plenary level for its eventual enactment into law, In shaa Allah,” he said.

He added. “Even with its approval in the committee level, the Committee will still entertain amendments, with some members of the committee have had voiced out their interest to do so.”