Jamiat Cotabato gathers Islamic Studies Professionals for consultation

COTABATO CITY-  The Jamiat Cotabato Institute of Technology (JCIT) gathered professionals in Islamic studies for stakeholders' consultation on the opening of Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies, and Master of Arts in Islamic Studies on November 14, 2020  at Pagana Kutawato Native Restaurant, Cotabato City.
Sheikh Saad Sindatok, President of JCIT welcomed the attendees with a warmest "peace and unity." 

Dr Normia Akmad Salindal, Head of Finance and Administration at the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB) presented the overview of the program and highlighted three (3) things:

1. Formally introduce the Jamiat Cotabato University program offerings, its structure and operations
2. Presented the objective,  "to solicit ideas and suggestions from participants in establishing Doctoral degree and Master's in Islamic Studies"
3. Envisioning Jamiat as a university aiming to produce qualified and excellent researchers of Islamic Studies that will support the education in the Bangsamoro.  

Dr Salindal also, presented a S. W. O. T. analysis as their tool analysis on how they see the gaps being the faculty and management staff of the said university. 

Recommendations overflowed during the open forum.  The need to design/enhance curriculum on Islamic studies in different field of specialization was shared by Hashim Manticayan. 

Dr Shamsuddin L. Taya opined that there is a need to strengthen the ability and enthusiasm of researchers in writings.

Adoption of a quality and balance education should be made, according to one of the participants.
Faydiyah S. Akmad observed the need to put up an office for guidance counselling and disciplinary for strengthening the moral and psychological aspect of students who will be needing advice to be able to produce a better individual in the field of Shari’ah. 

She recommended for the creation of committees that will work and oversee the strengthening of Islamic studies institution and will look up to the impact of the very purpose. 

“From my observation, an integration of values transformation is also needed,” Akmad said.

Lawyer Gapor Quituar suggested to craft a subject that will tackle basic knowledge of law which will serve as multi-disciplinary law. 

Engr. Sinarimbo, proposed to establish engineering coure and also banking and finance specialization to produce engineers with moral guidance.

Manticayan also proposed to establish an accessible education through digital and online access as part of an extension library of the learners.

Abdulsatar Shucor said that that now is time the Bangsamoro professionals should agree in introducing the Doctoral Degree and Master’s degree courses. 

Dr Shamsuddin L. Taya said on the other hand that participantss in this endeavor should stand and voice out his opinion on issue of curriculum. 

He called the attention of everybody, and said that, “this is the time to write down our curriculum, and observe the process of establishing curriculum, then, to make it institutionalized.” 

He expressed his commitment to share his knowledge on methods of writings.

He added, one way of having this is depending on the political will of the leadership. “By giving encouragement to every individual to do writing as a habit. Writing is not a problem,” Taya said.

"It's about the attitude the we inject in our minds that writing is indeed difficult. Bangsamoro professionals/researchers should get out from that comfort zone,” he added. 

The local government unit of Brgy. Datu Balabaran, Bai Canaya Balabaran expressed her full support towards the institution of Jamiat Cotabato on its good intention. "We will work as one for this intention,” she promised.

Dr Anwar Z. Saluwang, representative from office of the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) committed to organized a technical working group that will focus to review the curriculum of every school in line with the Education Code of MBHTE BARMM. 

The activity was attended by multi-sectoral group of graduates of Islamic Studies, political leaders, academe, professionals, ulama, students and lawyers both in Civil and Shari’ah. 

Dr Norodin Salam, President of DAB in his closing remarks, supported the idea of sustaining the activity through creation of Technical Working Group (TWG) to continue the purpose of consultation.  

The organizer said that the very purpose of the consultations is to solicit ideas and opinions that will strengthen and enhance the Islamic Studies courses both for PH.D. and Master's in Degree to cater the needs of the Bangsamoro Community.