IN PHOTO: Ustadh Taha Daranda, Zamboanga City CSO head (center) with other BCOBAR Federation Officers during their Consultative Meeting on BTA-BARMM Extension held in Zamboanga City, December 29, 2020

Zamboanga City CSOS hold series of consultative meeting on BTA extension

ZAMBOANGA CITY (December 30. 2020)- A series of consultative meetings in the Bangsamoro grassroots communities were conducted by the Bangsamoro CSOs and peace-advocates in Bangsamoro dominated barangays in Zamboanga City. 
The consultative meeting was in response to the call of other Bangsamoro Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for BTA extension to 2025 which is an imperative step to sustain the gains of peace agreement.

Mr. Ekong Insani with fellow officers of BCOBAR Federation organized the program in an effort to level up the understanding of the Bangsamoro community leaders of their role in peace building to become more participative in strengthening the new Moro region.  

Ustadh Taha Daranda, a CSO head, peace advocate, and also Deputy Coordinator for Zamboanga City in the Federation of Bangsamoro Communities Outside the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BCOBAR) along with other community leaders are intensifying their peacebuilding activities.  

Ustadz Daranda said that the dividends of peace could not truly be felt by the Bangsamoro people if the provisions ascribed in the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), and normalization provisions in the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) are not completely implemented. 

Giving enough time to peace implementing panels and to BTA can also be part of confidence-building measure with the Philippines Government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are faithfully committed to the signed peace agreement.

“The bottom line of our fervent appeal to President Rodrigo R. Duterte and to Congress is to sustain the gains of peace agreement by extending the BTA till 2025,” Ustadh Daranda stressed.    

Mr. Ekong Insani, a Bangsamoro Community organizer also said that the Bangsamoro people both inside and those residing outside the BARMM areas are optimistic that all Bangsamoro will be benefitted once the social service delivery rolls out, thus ample time is very much needed to convert those provisions into doable implementation.

On December 24, Thursday, Ustadh Taha also engaged with Bangsamoro Business Sector, the Z.C United Fish Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Zambaoanga City giving them updates on the trend of Bangsamoro Government and the rationale of the different CSOs appeal for BTA extension to 2025. 

 “We, the Bangsamoro residing outside the BARMM is banking on Article VI. Section 12 of BOL. He said that that it cannot be fully implemented once the BTA term is not extended for the implementation of important provisions of the BOL,” Ustadh Daranda said. 

The engagement was attended by Mr. Yashier Hanapi, President of Z.C United Fish Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative, and other Bangsamoro religious leaders in the city who wanted updates on the implementation status and the current programs of BARMM for the Bangsamoro people especially those residing in Zamboanga City.   

Mr. Tirso S. Tahir, an officer of the Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) and peacebuilding Advocate facilitated these series of activities, and shared valuable inputs during the series of engagements in the Bangsamoro Communities.