MP Senior Minister Macacua asks CSOs to help in attaining Moral Governance in BARMM

COTABATO CITY (May 7, 2021) – Member of the Bangsamoro Parliament Senior Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua asked the Civil Society Organizations to help the Bangsamoro government in the moral governance advocacy of BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim during the Iftar As-Saem for Bangsamoro CSO’s organized by League of Bangsamoro Organizations (LBO) in partnership with his office on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 held at Mall of Alnor, Cotabato City, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
Macacua disclosed his appeal after giving updates on the status of the BARMM to the participants who joined in the iftar. 

On the issue of hiring, he said that in order to select the best competent and qualified applicants for a certain position in the government, the applicant with eligibility must have to register first in the job portal. 

According to Macacua, the job portal’s design and existing mechanism on systems of recruitment and hiring of employee was patterned from that what is being used in Malaysia and now being adopted by the Bangsamoro government. 

Macacua said that the hiring team will select at least five qualified applicants and they will be choosing only one among the five nominees based on the civil service commission rules wide latitude of discretion whether the first nominee or the second up to the fifth nominees as long as they are on the top five who possess the minimum qualifications required for the position can be hired.

However, Macacua said that this job portal will not given anyway a chance for the non-eligible applicant for it may cause problems to the current leadership led by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) transition period of government. 

“Comments we are receiving from various groups and individuals, they said that job portal is not effective this time of transition period,” he disclosed.

Macacua said, “They are right, we cannot hire our non-eligible comrades because most of those who fought for the right of oppressed Bangsamoro had focused only their time in the battle field.” 

Fortunately, he said, most of the employees working in the Bangsamoro government have completed all the necessary requirements that one should possess as required by the civil service. 

He admitted that some of these people now hired in the BARMM didn’t join in the Bangsamoro struggle.

But Macacua is thankful that the Civil Service Code of the Bangsamoro government protects the Mujahideens, the one who fought for the establishment of the autonomous government whether MILF or members of the Moro  National Liberation Front  (MNLF). 

He explained that they can join working in the Bangsamoro government even without eligibility for salary grade 10 below but the applicants must comply all the requirements for 5 years to become eligible and acquire a permanent status. 

“There are also hard challenges they faced, this is to faithfully observe the moral governance in the present government,” he said.

Macacua also revealed that in the government transaction, some really needs to be monitored especially in the procurement process because it is where corruption takes place here. 

The BARMM legislator conveyed that some bidders attempted to bribe him to facilitate their will to win in the bidding process.

Macacua underscored, “This must be eliminated. If we see that the bidding and procurement committee cannot be trusted, we can remove them.” 

“We have experienced this in the OCM. We would be providing Php54 million intended for supplies, to shorten the story, a bidder won the bids,” he said. 

Macacua related a bidder, whom he did not name,wherein during the time of inspection of supplies which they purchased, said the items has already arrived in Polloc Port, in Parang, Maguindanao.

However, when Macacua requested his trusted staff to be with along the bidder for the inspection, the said bidder changed his tone and admitted that the cargo has not yet arrived in Polloc Port and those are still in Davao City.

Macacua said he learned that this system is normal in the previous government however he emphasized that such is now abnormal with the present autonomous government. 

He then asked the LBO to help in eradicating the‘abnornal’ kind of bidding process in the Bangsamoro government. 

“Nyaba e nasisita kadtatabangan tanu ka masla e role na civil society. E demand nu e present kanu sa languna na bidding process. Kaped makadtabang nu na pasabot nu su pagali nu a san den pinggalbek endu su sekanu san a gumagalbek (It is in this aspect where the civil society can be of big help. You demand that you should be present in all bidding process. One way of helping also is to inform those who did it (wrongdoing) and those who are doing it),” he said.

He added that failure is not an option for theBangsamoro government that was achieved out of the struggle. 

“We have to protect our government this is only the way that we can be seen that we are in good if we have this government,” Macacua emphasized.

“Gubilnu tanu saguna na dikina pon mapya gubilnu uged na tatabangan tanu e panun e katidto nin endu katilyunin. Dita nu edtalun e dala labot tanu lun ka nasisita sumulong tanu sa kad successful nin katububa e kad successful tanu u adin gubilnu tanu (We may not have a good government now but we can help how to correct it or straighten it. We should not say it is none of our business, we need to push for our success and that is possible if we have our own government),” Macacua explained.

Macacua also encouraged the Bangsamoro to help hand in hand in order to attain the total halal or moral governance system of the BARMM.

He extended his thanks to the leadership of LBO for the long partnership. The member of the parliament said he will pray to Allah for everyone to become successful.

The event was joined in by 200 officers and staff of the 53 member organizations of LBO to show their support to the Bangsamoro government which also gives importance on the participation of everybody including the CSOs.