LGU Gensan conducts awarding ceremony for Musabaqah Ammah 2021 winners

The Local Government Unit of General Santos City conducted the awarding ceremony for the winners of Musabaqah Ammah 2021: Academic and Classroom Competitions last Tuesday (December 7, 2021) at Maahad Shar-ie Al Islamie in Camasi Barangay Ligaya.
The academic competition included Nasheed, Khitabah, Azan and Reading Qur-an. It was conducted virtually and in limited face-to-face set-up.
In the classroom competition 45 Madaris joined and showcased their improved classroom facilities with the respective learning materials inside. 

Musabaqah is an annual event of Madaris in General Santos City whose main objective is to entice the learners to study hard and excel both in the academic and athletic fields.

Introduced in 2020 due to the restriction brought by health protocol, the classroom competition aims to encourage the Asatidz, parents and stakeholders to develop their classrooms.

“It is one way of motivating our Madaris stakeholders to participate in improving the Madrasah facilities,” said Jocelyn Lambac-Kanda, Division head of City Mayor’s Office-Integrated Cultural Communities Affairs Division (CMO-ICCAD).

CMO-ICCAD is the unit of LGU-Gensan that implements various programs and projects of the Indigenous Peoples and Muslim constituents of the city.

Winners received cash prizes and certificates of recognition. Outstanding presenters of classroom competition were also recognized.

The teachers of Arabic Literacy and Islamic Values Education were also tapped to coach in the production of learning materials and in improving classroom arrangement.