The Bangsamoro Wali, His Eminence Sheikh Khalifa U. Nando

Office of the Wali talks about their given mandate and opinion on Moral Governance

COTABATO CITY— The Bangsamoro Wali, His Eminence Sheikh Khalifa U. Nando, talked about their office’s given the mandate and their opinion on Moral Governance during the 30th episode of the Kuanlaran sa Bangsamoro hosted by Bangsamoro Multimedia Network last Thursday, December 09, 2021.
The Bangsamoro Wali, explained that establishing the Office of the Wali, which has a role in the parliamentary system government of Bangsamoro, is part of the result of negotiation between the Bangsamoro and the national government.
“The word “Wali” is from an Arabic language which is already used to call the division of provinces of the Arabs.” He added that their office has similarities in the system of other governments from different countries.
Sheikh Nando pronounced that the Office of the Wali is the image government, “If the Office of the Wali is viewed by the other governments outside as good, then they’ll think that the said government is good, if they view it as a not-so-good government then they’ll observe that its governance isn’t polished yet.”
About the mandates given to them, he said “The Wali is the Ceremonial Head; second, he opens the session of the parliament; third, he oath takes from the Chief Minister to the Ministers and Deputy Ministers; fourth, if  there’s a disagreement within the members of the parliament— majority and minority, the one who’ll restrain the disagreement would be the Wali.”
“If there are visitors—huge visitors in the region, they should pay a visit first in the Wali, because the Wali is the Head of Bangsamoro, not a Head of State, but an elderly of the Bangsamoro. While the Chief Minister is the head of the Bangsamoro Government who develops and takes care of the region in which he influences the goodness in the Bangsamoro region,” he added.
Sheikh Nando profoundly explained what are the ceremonial functions of their office, “This said ceremonial functions are the events of the government, per se a huge event, the opening of these events of the government, opening of the religious affairs shall be attended.”
The Bangsamoro Wali has shared his opinion on the Moral Governance and stated, “What should be persevered in the Bangsamoro is an assembly which would be conducted by the government.”
“And this gathering should address the Bangsamoro not the politics, because if it’s for the politics half will come, and the other half won’t,” he explained.
“This should be a good learning of the Moral Government— the proper understanding of the masses of what the Moral Government really is, and the comprehension of the people that the building of the Moral Government is to differentiate Halal from Haram. The position of understanding this Moral Government should be based on the foundation of the sacrifice of the people in wanting and attaining freedom,” he certainly said.
“We should remove all the deceiving and embark on avoidance of corruption that badly affects the people. And what should be taught to all the people working in the government is the muamalah or the goodness of character towards the others,” he underscored.
“We should show to the people that Islam has a process, the said Da’wah has its system, and if all of this is practiced, then it couldn’t be any better. The individuals who lead the government should show the masses their sympathy to the people in adversity, needy, and the poor. Because the boundary of the leaders and the ones being led is the boundary of living conditions and the carrying of one's character,” he expressed.
“If we only discuss ‘there are a lot of people who got rich’ or ‘there are a lot of people living a good life’ but fails to cure the general problem of the masses then that’s not a Moral Government, because Moral Government cures everyone,” he narrated.
On the importance of Moral Governance, he said, “We are now in a transitional government, from what I see, if the transition finally succeeds in which we could freely govern and that’s the time we could truly taste the goodness of what is really a Moral Governance.”
The Wali of the Bangsamoro, conveyed his advice to the officials of the Bangsamoro as experienced person and considered the elder of the Bangsamoro, saying, “Our brothers and sisters that has a huge tasks in the government should truly seize this moment, because it’s not all good all the time.”
“It’s important for them to be ikhlas (sincere), their goodness, their proper behavior towards the region and their sympathy to the people is also a reflection of a Moral Government,” he added.