CMO-ICCAD, NCMF-Gensan thank Muslim groups, sponsors for Istiqbal Ramadhan activity

GENERAL SANTOS CITY --The City Mayor’s Office – Integrated Cultural Communities Affairs Division (CMO-ICCAD) and the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) – General Santos City Provincial Office thanked the One Gensan Ummah comprised of Muslim organizations, individuals and sponsors of the Istiqbal (Welcoming) Ramadhan held last Thursday (March 31, 2022) at the Oval Gymnasium, this city.
More than 1,700 attendees coming from the different barangays if General Santos joined the activity to learn the necessary preparations needed, the benefits and strategies to sustain the virtues of fasting during Ramadhan.

CMO-ICCAD Division Head Jocelyn Lambac-Kanda thanked fellow organizers, the working groups, sponsors and individuals who shared their efforts, time and resources for the successful conduct of the activity.

“Truly with unity, we can do big important event for the benefit of the Muslim communities,” she said.

NCMF Provincial Director Aida Seddic  also expressed gratitude to the different organizations and persons who contributed in the inclusive conduct of the event that educated the Muslims about fasting.

Selected Ulama or Muslim scholars gave lectures related to fasting during Ramadhan. 

Sponsors provided copies of Holy Qur’an, perfumes and Muslim garments as gifts to the participants who won in the raffle.

Organizations and institutions which comprised the One Gensan Ummah were the following: GSC Muslim Religious Advisory Council headed by Sheikh Ibrahim Andang Jr; Hayatol Ulama SarGen headed by Sheikh Refaey Antao;  UNYPAD Gensan headed by Sahani Ansa; Khairukom Qur’an Institute headed by Ustadz Ashraff Alangan; General Santos Council of Elders headed by Mike Andang; Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Societies; United Bangsamoro Justice Party; Rajahbuayan Bandar Women headed by Amina Taliguia; Gensan Madaris Asatidz Federation headed by Ustadz Moctar Alangan; Council of Propagators of Peace; Maranao Alliance for Solidarity, Integrity and Unity (MASIU )headed by Alex Lacoto; Bangsamoro Communications Network Gen Santos City Chapter heased by Datu Mackey Akmad; Salam Police Advocacy Group (SPAG) and Educational Research Center headed by Sheikh Ibrahim Andang Jr; GSC ALIVE Teachers Association under the supervision of Division ALIVE Coordinator Hanena L. Epino; Mindanao State University – CETD; General Santos Council of Elders headed by Mike Andang; World Assembly of Muslim Youth; Bait Al Iman, Association headed by Dong Aquia; Gensan Madaris Academy headed by Sheikh Abdulfatah Zacaria;  Ayah Women and Call Guidance; Dar Albayan Litahfiydil Qareen lil Bannat; Dar Aisha; Dar Ruqayyah; and UMMYO.

Individuals and sponsors who shared their resources were the following: PSSgt Zacaria M. Kanda; Yannie Utto; Charmaine Joyce Maningo; Warda Kanda Amil and Rebuddin Amil owners of Taha Printing Press; Dong Aquia; Lamion Gensan; Rachel Banisil Udasan; Ayana Hub; Marof Utto; Tanseem Aparel; Haironesa Domado, Amina Saliao; Col. Abu Khayr Macalangcom; Mrs. Chin Villamora; Directress Esmaida Andang Alaiden, ShL; Ummo Khayzer; Flavors of Halal; Kixonezeroeight Trading; Kix108 auto motor carwash and detailing; Rosela and Alonto Diga; RAADZ Place owned by Noraiha Calolong; Shawarma Mama; Major Badruddin Esmael and PNP Salam; Atty Psyche Fontanilla; PMSG Alvin Mamadra; Baivah Kanda; Satira Abaya Collection owned by Baiibon Alangan; Sanah Al Mohsana; Sahod Aguil; Hamdan Bakeshop; Mr. and Mrs. Marohomzar Ubpon; Prof Jovar Pantao; Soraida Macadatar and other anonymous Muslims.

Muslim youth organizations who were also thanked for their efforts and resources were the GSC Federation of Madaris Student Body Organization headed by Cedie Duran; Salam Bangsamoro Youth headed by Prince Khebb Guiomala; and Federation of Muslim Students Association.