In photo- MP Mohammad Kellie Antao

BARMM to create eight municipalities in the region’s Special Geographic Area

Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao- – Eight bills have been filed for the creation of municipalities covering the 63 barangays in North Cotabato which petitioned and voted to be included in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) during the 2019 plebiscite in the region’s Special Geographic Area (SGA), a Mindanews report said, Thursday.
The proposed bill creating the eight municipalities in the SGA was filed by MP Mohammad Kellie Antao, former Board Member of Cotabato Province,

The report said that on Tuesday, Dec. 20, the bills were filed, and if approved, will create the municipalities of Pahamudin, Kadayangan, Kabalukan, Northern Kabacan, Kapalawan, Malmar, Tugunan, and Ligawasan.

The SGA is composed of 63 villages in the towns of Aleosan, Carmen, Kabacan, Midsayap, Pikit, and Pigcawayan, all in North Cotabato, a province adjacent to Maguindanao.

In a post made on his FB page recently, he expressed immense gratitude to BARMM Chief Minister Hon. Ahod "Al Hajj Murad" Balawag Ebrahim, for certifying as URGENT, my proposed bill on THE CREATION OF EIGHT (  MUNICIPALITIES WITHIN THE 63 BARANGAYS OF NORTH COTABATO and was approved on first reading as Government of the Day Bill.

He also thanked MP Engr. Aida Silongan (MOST Minister), MP Atty. Raissa H. Jajurie(MSSD Minister), and MP Mary Ann Arnado for supporting the said bill.

The Mindanews report detailed the contents of Parliament Bill (PB) No. 129 as follows:

The Municipality of Pahamudin will include the barangays of Balacayon, Buricain, Datu Binasing, Datu Mantil, Kadilingan, Lower Pangangkalan, Libungan Torreta (seat of government), Matilac, Patot, Upper Pangangkalan, Lower Baquer, and Simsiman, which currently belong to Pigcawayan.

Kadayangan will be composed of the barangays of Central Labas, Kapinpilan (seat of government), Malingao, Mudseng, Sambulawan, Tugal, and Tumbras in Midsayap.

Barangays Damatulan, Kadigasan, Kadingilan, Kudarangan, Nabalawag (seat of government), and Olandang in Midsayap, Barangay Macasendeg in Pikit, and Barangay Dungguan in Aleosan will form Kabalukan as proposed under PB No. 131.

Northern Kabacan, as proposed under PB No. 132, will Barangays Buluan, Nangaan, Sanggadong, Simbuhay, Simone, Pedtad (seat of government) and Tamped in Kabacan.

Under PB No. 133, Barangays Kibayao, Kitulaan (seat of government), Langogan, Manarapan, Nasapian, Pebpoloan and Tupig in Carmen will form Kapalawan.

PB No. 134 is proposing the creation of Malmar to be composed of Barangays Balungis, Batulawan, Fort Pikit, Gokotan (seat of government), Nabundas, Nalapaan and Nunguan in Pikit.

Tugunan will be carved out of Barangays Balong, Bualan, Lagunde, Macabual, Manaulanan (seat of government), Pamalian and Panicupan in Aleosan as proposed under PB No. 135.

Ligawasan will be composed of Barangays Bagoinged (seat of government), Barungis, Bulol, Buliok, Gli-Gli, Kabasalan, and Rajamuda in Pikit.

The Commission on Elections, through the Bangsamoro Electoral Office, shall conduct and supervise a plebiscite for the creation of the municipalities.