Bills creating 8 municipalities in SGA-BARMM approved by BTA Parliament

Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao— The Bangsamoro Parliament approved on third and final reading the creation of eight more towns in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) from the 63 barangays comprising the Special Geographic Area in Cotabato province, Mindanews said in its report on August 18.
The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) described the establishment of the new municipalities as  “another historic milestone.”
BTA Bills 129 to 136 creating the new towns of Pahamuddin, Kadayangan, Nabalawag, Old Kaabakan, Kapalawan, Malidegao, Tugunan, and Ligawasan received unanimous support from the Parliament, the report also said.

The Mindanews report enumerated the barangays that consist the municipalities created under the law, such as:
Pahamuddin will consist of Barangays Balacayon, Buricain, Datu Binasing, Datu Mantil, Kadilingan, Lower Pangangkalan, Libungan Torreta, Matilac, Patot, Upper Pangangkalan, Lower Baquer, and Simsiman, in Pigcawayan.

Barangays Central Labas, Kapinpilan, Malingao, Mudseng, Sambulawan, Tugal, and Tumbras, in Midsayap, will be part of Kadayangan.

Barangays Damatulan, Kadigasan, Kadingilan, Kudarangan, Nabalawag, and Olandang, in Midsayap, and Barangay Dungguan in Aleosan, will be part of Nabalawag.

Kaabakan will be composed of barangays Buluan, Nangaan, Sanggadong, Simbuhay, Simone, Pedtad, and Tamped, in Kabacan.
Barangays Kibayao, Kitulaan, Langogan, Manarapan, Nasapian, Pebpoloan, and Tupig, in Carmen, will be included in Kapalawan.
Malidegao will be composed of barangays Balungis, Batulawan, Fort Pikit, Gokotan, Nabundas, Nalapaan, and Nunguan in Pikit.
Barangays Balong, Bualan, Lagunde, Macabual, Macasendeg, Manaulanan, Pamalian, and Panicupan, in Pikit, and Barangay Tapodoc, in Aleosan, will form Tugunan.

Ligawasan will be composed of barangays Bagoinged, Barungis, Bulol, Buliok, Gli-Gli, Kabasalan, and Rajamuda in Pikit. 
Within sixty days of the bills’ approval, a plebiscite will be held where an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of voters in each barangay is required to affirm the establishment of the eight new municipalities, the BTA said.

The first mayors, vice mayors, and eight members of the Sangguniang Bayan for the new municipalities will be appointed by the BARMM Chief Minister and will serve until the next elections for local officials, the report also said

The regional government will provide monthly financial assistance to the eight municipalities for administration and operation while waiting for their national allotment.