IMT-Mission 11-WesMinCom visits village, donates school supplies

The Site- 3 Mobile team of International Monitoring Team (IMT)-Mission 11-Western Mindanao Command (WesMinCom), Zamboanga City spent its remaining days through various engagements by visiting a Moro village before it will be replaced by a new batch next month.  

Under its dynamic Team leader, Col. Mohammad Zaki  bin Abu of Malaysian Royal Armed Forces together with DSP Kamarudin, Malaysian Royal Police, Brother Dennis of Brunei Marines and other officers visited Asta Moro Madrasa (Arabic School) in Barangay Tulungatung, Zamboanga City on February 25 to donate some school supplies. 

The IMT Officials were welcomed by Moro Community leaders headed by Imam Akob Asta, Imam Omar Alip, Head of Moro Community Da’wah, Arabic teachers and pupils. 

In his welcome Message, Ustadz Benjabar Daris expressed his appreciation and gratefulness on the assistance extended to them by the Team. It was a clear manifestation of showing concerns to their underdeveloped Madrasa and to their pupils.  

“Your donation with the truest concern to our Madrasa pupils is really a big matter especially to our pupils, despite your hectic schedule and appointments you can still remember us. The joyous faces and smiles of our pupils are seen as they welcome you today”, Ustadz Daris said.

On his part, Col. Zaki said that it just a little contribution personally and sincerely from us that may benefit these pupils and teachers and we hope that these pupils will grow productively and become somebody who can contribute later to Bangsamoro, Mindanao and to Philippines as well.

In his closing message, Imam Akob Asta, Administrator of Asta Moro madrasa expressed his profoundest gratitude to visiting IMT Site-3 Mobile team for their unwavering support not only to GPH-MILF Peace Process but also showing concern to his underdeveloped madrasa and poorly-equipped pupils and hoping that more assistance will come to us especially when the Bangsamoro Government will take place in due time, Insha Allah! (If Allah wills).