ZC Moro Community Leaders, peace advocates converge, discuss social and political issues confronting Bangsamaoro people 

Zamboanga City Moro Community leaders and peace advocates converged on January 16 at Barangay Lunzulan, Tumaga, Zamboanga City and tackled social and political issues confronting the Bangsamoro People. The discussion centered mostly on the Bangsamoro Peace process and signed agreements. 

The group also discussed about small entrepreneurship program that has been initiated and established by its group’s key officers by substantiating its concepts and practice of self-reliance among its members in micro economic enterprises. 

Tirso S. Tahir, an Officer of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), Hadja Rashieyda Majid, Regional Director for Mindanao Women Advocacy and the head of Social welfare Committee (SWC) Zamboanga Chapter, Moro Community and religious leaders participated in the meeting.

Issues on Mindanao Peace Agreements and updates on the peace process were succinctly emphasized by Tahir. 

The centerpiece of group discussion was on the prospect of shifting of political system from unitary to Federal System of Government and its inevitable implication to Bangsamoro Peace agreement such as the Comprehensive agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) and Bangsamoro Enabling Law (BEL) that will be drafted by the newly reconstituted BTC.

In the course of our advocacy in the Moro communities, we must make it clear to the people what is more beneficial and suitable to Bangsamoro aspiration that will ultimately solve the Moro Political problem and correcting the historical injustices committed to the Moros. Is it through Federalism or Bangsamoro Enabling law based on CAB and other Peace agreements signed by GPH and Moro Fronts?, one peace advocate asked. 

It is a matter of solving the problem and not simply twisting or managing the problem. The Moro-decades armed-conflict can be finished off by current administration if sincerity and political will prevails over other supplanting agenda, Tahir said. 

The Moro Peace Advocates and Community Leaders in Zamboanga city is continuously intensifying its peace advocacy in Moro dominated areas as their inherent and inviolable rights both in social and political development as well as empowering them to become responsive in peace-building endeavor.