BDA Executive Director Ya’cob congratulates BDA-CenMin for turn-over of CBI Projects under Bangsamoro ADVANCE

Dr. Mohammad S. Yacob, Executive Director of Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) congratulated the BDA-Central Mindanao (CenMin) Region for the successful turned-over of Community-based Infrastructure Projects (CBI) that it implemented in 16 sites in its area of responsibility (AOR) under the Bangsamoro Assistance for Development and Community Empowerment (ADVANCE) not later than March 2017. 

The Bangsamoro ADVANCE is a project implemented by BDA since January 2016 under Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Program (MTFRDP) which has been administered by World Bank with Community and Family Services International (CFSI) as Trust Fund Recipient (TFR). 

In a regular monthly meeting conducted by BDA-CenMin held at its session hall last April 5, 2017, Shiekh Abdulrasheed Ambil, BDA-CenMin Regional Manager extended to all the participants the congratulatory message of Dr. Ya’cob.

Ambil also said that such achievements were the result of, not just the efforts of individual or any of the BDA staff but a collective assertion and strong unity of the staff and volunteers of BDA-CenMin.

“Achieving such accomplishments included but above all, the divine intervention because our staff and volunteers exerted extra ordinary prayers to Allah, the Supreme Creator for the success of our engagements to completely turned-over the projects not later than March 2017, added Ambil.   

Ambil also expressed his thanks and gratitude to the staff and volunteers of the Agency in CenMin for their strong unity and allegiance to the BDA leadership.