Napsa Salah (center) Pasasambao Integrated Health Services, Inc. (PIHSi) Executive Director, delivered medicines and hygiene kits to the IDP's, in Tagoloan, Lanao del Norte on Monday July 31. 2017

Pasasambao Health Organization reaches out Marawi siege victims

In an effort to provide relief to fellow Muslims suffering due to the Marawi crisis, a Sangil/Sangir health organization delivered used clothes, medicines and hygiene kits to the Internally Displaced Persons in Tagoloan, Lanao del Norte on Monday.

Napsa Salah, Executive Director of Pasasambao Integrated Health Services, Inc. (PIHSi), said they were able to serve 500 home-based displaced families staying in Tagoloan.

PIHSi operates in the provinces of Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat, more than 250 kilometers away from Marawi.

Despite the distance, Salah said they feel duty-bound to help fellow brothers and sisters in need. Tagoloan is one of the towns in Lanao del Norte where the Marawi siege victims sought refuge.

The Sangil/Sangirs and Maranaos are two of the 13 Moro tribes in the Philippines. The Maranaos are predominant in Lanao Region while the Sangil/Sangirs are a minority tribe living in the provinces of Sarangani and Davao del Sur.

Salah cited the IDP children suffering from scabies, a kind of skin disease caused by mites, diarrhea and URTI, they encountered in one of the evacuation sites in Baloi, Lanao del Norte where most of the evacuees are sleeping on the ground under a small tent. She observed mites and other insects are scattered in the place. Due to poor sanitary condition, lack of clean water is one of the cause to spread the disease and lack of clean water. 

She is hopeful that concerned institutions will be able to respond to the health needs of the displaced people. The executive director said they brought medicines for fever and cough and diarrhea remedies.

Salah thanked the Japanese friends and partners of Pasasambao namely Prof. Masako Ishii Phd, Prof. Akiko Horriba Phd, Prof. Rei Nagase,  Prof. Kayoko Teshigawa, Prof. Naonori Kusakabe, Prof. Yasuhito Asami Phd, HANDS Yokohama Japan and other local partners from Davao and Gensan. These people helped this organization to realized the said outreach and regularly sponsor the activities of Pasasambao for humanitarian action.

PISHi at present is campaigning for MNCHN of DOH program in the Rapid Reduction of MMR and IMR particularly in the Moro areas. And targeting reproductive age women of Moro and mothers living in far-flung barangays seeking for facility based health services or birthing homes rather relying on traditional midwives when giving birth.