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Humility is virtue

In English, the word "humility" comes from the Latin root word which means "ground." Humility, or being humble, means that one is modest, submissive and respectful, not proud and arrogant. You lower yourself to the ground, not elevate yourself above others. In prayer, Muslims prostrate themselves to the ground, acknowledging human beings' lowliness and humility before the Lord of the...

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Inclusion of six municipalities in LDN vetoed again

As of 7:25 pm yesterday, the overall tally, for no is 167,788 and for yes is 78,453. The six municipalities, namely Balo-i, Munai, Nunungan, Pantar, Tagoloan and Tangkal, voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining the BARMM. But because of the double majority reckoning of the yes votes, despite the affirmative yes votes in these towns, they will not be part of the BARMM.But the question, did the...

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The oddity in Lanao Del Norte

What a completely strange oddity or behavior? A case of opportunism at its worst degree? Or simply an intense internal contradiction between what is good for the many and what is good for themselves.The Dimaporos of Lanao have been in power for the past 60 years.Mohammad Ali Dimaporo was a known ally of former President Ferdinand Marcos. A guerrilla fighter during World War II, Ali went into...

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