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Aging is sometimes positive

The maximum years of imprisonment for the former “Iron Lady”, reminiscent of Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, would be 77 years. If she were to live by then she would be 171 years old.But it seems the age factor is working positive for her. Even Senator Panfilo Lacson has this to say: “Age, too, seems to be on Mrs. Marcos’ side.” She can avail of legal remedy to delay the issuance of an arrest...

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Petition on BOL: Anti-people stance

For those who argue their case to the Highest Heaven would understand such reasoning or alleged altruistic intention, but for those who see its immediate disastrous effect or consequence would simply look at it as pure and simple “anti-people/Moro stance”.If the BOL is not ratified, it means there is no law, and if there is no law, it means the situation is back to the status quo, which is full...

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BOL questioned in Supreme Court

Well and good as it shows we are in a democracy and thus, it is within the rights of Sulu Governor Sakur “Totoh” Tan II to file a petition for certiorari and prohibition. He is on the usual track, and because he is young, this exercise can be part of his maturing process.Nevertheless, the motive behind the filing left us confounded and therefore, we are seriously questioning it. The BOL is a...

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Deal on good governance

Every third year, there is election in the Philippines. If we include those conducted for barangays (village) and the youth, the frequency becomes more frequent. Virtually, there is election in this country year-round. It is as if genuine democracy anchors only on holding these political exercises.In the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), election is also conducted every three years. This is not...

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