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Muslim religious council formed in Gensan

This development happened during the “Forum on Traditional Justice System” organized by the City Mayor’s Office- Indigenous Cultural Communities Affairs Division, a unit that implements programs for the Muslim and Indigenous Peoples in the city.During the plenary discussion in the said activity, Ustadz Mouchtar Alangan raised the issue of the absence of an entity comprised of Ulama that will...

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LGU, MSU Gensan strengthens partnership on Halal industry, Madaris education

The two parties agreed to come up with a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize their partnership.Karl Vincent Quiepo, Chief Administrative Office of the City Mayor’s Office, acknowledged the important role of MSU as key stakeholder to help in the development of town in various endeavors such as Madaris education, Halal industry, and tourism.He noted that engaging into Halal food production...

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