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Development in Marawi rehab attributed to partnership with Civil Society Groups

The CSOs are the third-party monitoring partners of the government pushing for recovery programs in the site of the infamous 2017 siege, TFBM chairperson and housing czar Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario said as quoted by Philippine News Agency (PNA).In a statement made on Saturday Faduman Paporo, a CSO leader said that there is a huge improvement in the infrastructure and recovery projects."We...

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Senator Tolentino asks colleagues support for bill on extending BTA term

“I ask my colleagues in this august chamber to support this measure extending the term of the BTA (Bangsamoro Transition Authority), not the personalities involved, but the institution,” he said. Senator Tolentino, chair of the committee on local government, presented the committee report of Senate Bill No. 2214 to the plenary for deliberations.“The committee attempted to craft a bill in...

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BTA approves BARMM education code

After a rigorous eight-hour deliberation at the BARMM plenary, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA), the region’s interim lawmaking body, unanimously approved Bill 70 or the proposed Bangsamoro Education Code (BEC) on third and final reading during a special session.The new law shall be known as the Bangsamoro Autonomous Act 18, the third priority legislation passed by the 80-member BTA...

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Senate Majority Leader Zubiri, Tolentino vow to pass bill extending BARMM elections to 2025

According to the report, the Committee deliberated Senate Bill 2019 filed by Senator Aquilino Pimenel III and SB 2025 filed by Senator Richard Gordon – both seeking to amend Section 13 of Article 16 of RA 11054 or the Organic Law for the BARMM, by resetting the date of the first election from May 2022 to May 2025.Once the bill is passed by Congress, it will give three more years to the...

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