Bangsamoro: The Unending Quest for Peace

CAMP DARAPANAN , SULTAN KUDARAT , MAGUINDANAO- The never ending quest for peace in the Bangsamoro Homeland will face another saga, the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) in the hands of congress as what shakespeare said, " to be or not to be. " It is now within the mandate of congress the transforming of bill into a law. In so doing , expect other groups to oppose the said legislative measure claiming the unconstitutionality of the same.

In the recent news posted in Manila Times , former Supreme Court  Chief Justice Reynato Puno , an advocate of Federalism had warned , " the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) giving autonomy to Muslim Mindanao is at risk of being junked by the Supreme Court without a shift to a federal system of government. "

But this argument runs counter to analysis and findings of the living original framers of the Constitution ,  numerous legal luminaries and former Supreme Court Justices including former Chief Justice Davide contending that Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional and will stand a charter challenge.

The legal issue is the " constitutionality " of the bill and it is pre - mature to discuss the merits considering it is still in congress. The congress should passed the bill without delay and let the Supreme Court decide on its legality if somebody will challenge the same.

The MILF is optimistic that the Bangsamoro Basic Law will pass its legal scrutinity by invoking Chapter X ( Sec. 15 and 18 ) of the constitution. The same process when congress created the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao ( ARMM ).

In this legislative process , R.A. 9054 will be amended by an Organic Act creating Bangsamoro Government in lieu of ARMM which will be abolished with a wider scope and structure as provided by law.

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