MARADECA holds Seminar-Workshop on Extremism

ILIGAN CITY – December 01, 2017 - Parents and teachers convened in a seminar workshop organizedd by Maranao Development Center Inc. (MARADECA Inc.) in RC - Alkhwarizmi International College Foundation Inc. (RC-AKIC Inc.), Iligan City on November 30, 2017.

The activity sought to identify the role of the parents-teachers community associations in preventing the youth from being recruited into terroristic, and radical activities. Two topics were presented and discussed during the seminar. First topic was “ISLAM A WAY OF PEACE - VIEWS OF ISLAM IN EXTREMIST ACTIVITIES” that Dr. Asnawil G. Ronsing, current Dean of King Faisal Center of Mindanao State University (MSU) tackled. 

He gave emphasis on three significant points like Fanaticism - interpreting Qur-an and Hadith in a superficial interpretation, Fundamentalism -  interpreting Islam in different ways, and Extremism – act of exceeding to the prescribed standards of Islam. 

Dr. Ronsing disclosed that Bangsamoro have been engaging war against foreign and local colonialists for centuries that can be considered a factor for the growing occurence of terroristic activities, and radicalism in the country particularly in Mindanao.

“We the Bangsamoro people had been fighting war against colonialists for a long period of time.” said Dr. Ronsing.

The removal of Good Morals and Right Conduct (GMRC) subjects in the curiculum affected the molding of our children’s behavior. He urged the participants to keep the faith in the standards of Islam.

“Once you get out from the standards then you are radicals. Islam enjoined and connotes love, peace, living together, tolerance and coexistence,” he added.

Dr. Alma G. Maranda, faculty from Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) discussed the “ROLE OF GUIDANCE COUSELOR, PTCA IN PREVENTING EXTREMIST ACTIVITIES.”

She highlighted the role of parents and teachers in reintegration and molding the behavior of children in a multi-sectoral ways, and collaborative approach.

“We parents are the frontliner in shaping the behavior of our children. But we should include other parents, the ulama, teachers, and other sectors to prevent our children from getting involved in violent extremism,” explained Dr. Miranda.

“The solution to violent extremism starts in our own homes. And as mother, we must be sensitive to any signs and changing of behaviours of our children especially those in the stage of adolescence,” she added.

She pointed out that adolescence is a stage of adventures, excitements and temptations. Children who already changed their line of thinking usually have secretive activities, showing support to radical groups, and have literatures books and magazines that they are using to organize and recruite members.