UMYO holds ‘We Love Jesus Peace Conference 2017’

The Union of Muslim Youth Organizations (UMYO) conducted We Love Jesus Peace Conference 2017 at  Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex,  ORG Compound, Cotabato City last December 23, 2017. The conference itself has a theme: “Understanding Islamic Concept of Loving Jesus (pbuh).” It was attended by more than 700 participants including Muslims and Non-Muslims respectively, which exceeded the capacity of the complex as a venue.

Different topics were discussed by credible resource persons during the sessions. The resource persons during the morning session were Sheikh Abdulkahar Musa who discussed on “The Stories of Other Messengers”

 and Sheikh Eisa Javier who tackled about “What is the real Message of Jesus (PBUH)?” due to which one of the male participants have reverted to Islam. Everyone was delighted witnessing the moment.

The Mufti of Bangsamoro and current Chairman of Dar-al Ifta, Mufti Abu Huraira Udasan, was the solo speaker in the afternoon session. It has been very interesting since it was designed as a talk show set-up. Many questions were raised from audience especially about the rulings of Islam on the celebration of Christmas or participating in Christmas activities both intentionally or not.

The objective of this event is to enlighten all of the misconceptions of beliefs and practices committed by both Muslim and Non-Muslim respectively so that it will be cleared and rectified to their mind sets as a source of harmonious co- existence towards peaceful environment.

The event was made possible through the cooperation, and support of 19 Muslim youth organizations comprising the Union which include: Jumeyyatul Huffaz bil Filibeen Inc., Association of Young Muslim Professionals (AYMP), Al-Jalis As-Salih, Inc. - Cotabato Chapter (AAI), Anfal Brothers, Nuroshabab Organization Al-Islamie, Youth Islamic Propagators’ Association (YIPA), Muslim Youth Religious Organization (MYRO-Cotabato), Muslim Students Organization - MSU Maguindanao, Kutawato City Arabic Students Association (KCASA), Muslim Student Association - CCSPC, Mindanao People Da’wah Association (MPDA), Tableegh Al-Resalah Organization (TRO), Muslim Youth Society (MYS), Dynamic Youth Movement Assembly in Mindanao Inc. (DYMAMin), Youth Peace Propagators Association (YPPA), Muslim Youth Brotherhood (MYB), United Youth of the Philippines (UNYPhil Cotabato City Chapter), Muslim Women Association for Hegemony (MWAH), and Jum’iatul Tilmizaat Organization (JTO).

The event was concluded successfully in partnership with the Mercy Islamic Center, Mensahe TV, ARMM Regional Government, Voice FM 99.0, Tabun Halal Multi-Purpose Cooperative and Dar-al Ifta Bangsamoro.