MYB Conducts Assessment of Youth Participation in Bangsamoro Peace Process

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO ---- The Muslim Youth Brotherhood (MYB) - Datu Paglas Chapter conducted an assessment of youth participation in the Bangsamoro peace process in Mindanao on January 5, 2018.

Mudricka Haron, former Chairman of MYB Eastern Maguindanao Chapter, said the youth would be the ultimate beneficiaries of the current peace process because they are dominant among the population. Their participation in the peace process through advocacies can fast track the attainment of lasting peace in Mindanao.

“The youth must be the target of peace advocacies so that they will become peace agents in the community”, Haron emphasized.

Dante Mulod, current Chairman of MYB Eastern Maguindanao Chapter, said the youth are the successors of the current peace builders whose daily lives are spent in peace works.

“Let us make the youth as productive peace mediators in the community”, Mulod further said.

“We will educate the youth about the essence of peaceful community to help local leaders in preventing possible external threat that can destroy the bright future of the youth”, said Taher Plang, former vice-chairman of MYB Eastern Maguindanao Chapter.

Ansari Bajunaid, Secretary of MYB Eastern Maguindanao Chapter, said extremism is the borderless problem brought to Mindanao that sow fear, and causes violence in the Bangsamoro homeland where communities become graveyards for innocent youth victims.

“Our worry about extremism in Mindanao is that many youths have been recruited by the extremist groups. These extremists will continue to recruit young people, and convince them in exchange of money to continue spreading wrong ideological propaganda. 

In this worrisome situation today, college students, the poor with less education, idealistic youth with potential leadership, juvenile delinquents, and orphans are prone to extremist recruitment’’, Bajunaid emphasized.

“If this violence would not stop, the youth may become instrument of violence, and evil in our communities. Youth from internally displaced families are suffering from malnutrition, other health problems, and forced to stop going to school. Some of them died in evacuation centers”, said Nurhasan Enok, Vice-Chairman for Out-of-School Youth. 

“Continuous peace education is the best way to involve youth in the Bangsamoro peace process”, Enok added.

Genuine peace is essential to achieve sustainable development in Mindanao, especially the Bangsamoro homeland.

Correcting the historical injustices committed against the Moro people is one way of ending the Mindanao armed conflict, and prevents the rise of violent extremism in Mindanao.