Ceasefire mechanism strengthened in Basilan

On January 5 to 6, 2018, the GPH-MILF Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities (CCCH) and the International Monitoring Team (IMT), two components of the ceasefire mechanism created by the GPH-MILF Peace Process sailed towards the island of Basilan for the strengthening of ceasefire mechanism in the said Province. 

Upon arrival, the ceasefire team made courtesy call to the Provincial Governor of Basilan, Jim S. Hataman Salliman, at Isabela City, and discussed the security concerns in his area of jurisdiction. 

The Hall was occupied by delegates from the IMT headed by the Head of Mission - Datuk Masrani bin Paiman, the GPH CCCH led by Col. Sirajan, and MILF CCCH spearheaded by Malik Caril.

The governor was asked by the IMT HoM about the peace, and security situation in his AoR. He responded that upon the commencement of his duty as public official, the security issues in Basilan were lessened, and his constituents have gradually lived peacefully.

Mr. Caril of MILF-CCCH also inquired from the Governor regarding his knowledge, and action made about the Sumisip Municipal Resolution dated November 16, 2017 disallowing the stay, and banning the residency of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) communities in the two barangays of Sumisip Municipality such as Barangays Upper Cabengbeng, and Lower Cabengbeng. 

Governor confirmed his awareness of the said resolution, and to finally resolve this case, he guarantees his support for the conduct of dialogue between the LGU Sumisip, and MILF groups provided there will be an agreement that both parties shall hand in hand work closely to protect their communities from lawless groups. 

He likewise mentioned about his all-out support to the peace process since the term of past President Benigno Aquino III.

The Ceasefire mechanism team then proceeded to conduct peace advocacy to local residents of Brgy. Magcawa, Al-Barka. The IMT HoM delivered his speech addressing the locals to keep themselves away from engaging with activities that can spoil the peace process, and keep an eye on the intrusion of lawless groups.

Among the prominent guests were Col. Sino Cruz, and Col. Sirajan from the AFP; and from the BIAF-MILF, 114th Base Cmdr. Dan Asnawi, together with his three deputies: Hud Limaya (Inner Defense), Abbas Salung (Expeditionary), and Rajan M. Abdurahman (Guerrila).

The said program was conducted with joint security provided by the AFP, and BIAF. It portrayed the beauty of harmonious collaboration towards peace and security between the GPH, and the MILF forces resulting from untiring efforts exerted through the ceasefire mechanisms

After the conclusion of the program, the ceasefire team moved to Brgy. Upper Cabengbeng to conduct verification of the misencounter happened between AFP, and BIAF happened last November 8, 2017.

On the 2nd day of mission, January 6, 2018, another verification was made by the team at Brgy. Buton, Hadji Muhammad Ajul relative to the misencounter that transpired between AFP, and PPF-MILF last August 20, 2017.