IN PHOTO-Maj Gen Datuk Masrani Paiman urged the audience to support the BBL by maintaining peace in the area

IMT head of mission conducts peace advocacy at Maasim, Sarangani

MAASIM, SARANGANI –Maj Gen Datuk Masrani Paiman, Head of Mission of the International Monitoring Team – M12 (IMT M-12) conducted peace advocacy in Maasim, Sarangani on February 16, 2018. The peace advocacy is part of the efforts from IMT M-12 to support the peace process between Government of the Philippines - Moro Islamic Liberation Front (GPH-MILF). 

MILF Southern Front Commander, Haji Jordan Ismail, and several Commanders of MILF Base Command, and around 400 persons from surrounding area came, and listened to the message delivered by Datuk Masrani.

BBL has failed once because of Mamasapano Incident in 2015. Therefore, HOM of IMT M-12 emphasized the importance of guarding the peace during the BBL process. “Do not do any act that could lead to the failure of BBL” urged Datuk Masrani. “Leave the process to the Congressmen… Bangsamoro shall remain united. Do not fight for your own interest”, Datuk Masrani advised the participants. 

He also urged the MILF to fight all lawless elements, and support the Government to solve the problem in Mindanao.

After the peace advocacy, HOM of IMT M-12 carried out exit call to the MILF components including AHJAG. During the exit call, Datuk Masrani thanked the MILF for the support during his tour of duty. He conveyed his final remarks for all Base Commander to lead their subordinates responsibly, and do not let them fight for unnecessary cause.
IN PHOTO- Participants attentively listening to the message being delivered by Maj Gen Datuk Masrani Paiman