Basilan Municipal Mayors League supports Passage of BBL

ISABELA CITY, BASILAN-During the conduct of public consultation on Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in Isabela City, Basilan yesterday, February 23, the Municipal Mayors League of Basilan declared their unconditional support, and complete cooperation for the passage of BBL by congress.

Mayor Hanie A. Bud of Maluso, the League's president said, " The BBL implements the signed peace agreements to establish a ministerial form Bangsamoro Government to replace the ARMM based on the concept that a self-governing Bangsamoro will be given more powers that can positively uplift the region being one of the country's poorest regions".

Mayor Bud also said, " The BBL is not simply a piece of legislation but an appropriate embodiment of Bangsamoro's historical struggle for self-rule, and a free exercise of the peoples' right to self- determination.”

“So far it is the best alternative for self-governance that we, the people of Bangsamoro in particular, and the Mindanao region in general will have. It is a product of collective, and participatory work, a product of decades of conflicts, and negotiations, and lessons learned with a heavy price to many of us Bangsamoro,” he added.

All the11 mayors of the province were unanimous in their support to the BBL as manifested in their Resolution No. 02, Series of 2018 but they cautioned that its failure, they simply cannot afford to have another armed conflict that will eventually displaced thousands of their constituents, and would ruin development efforts they have painstakingly achieved simply once government fails to recognize Moro sufferings, and ordeal, and implement the only feasible solution to end the decades-old problem of the Bangsamoro people.”

However, Mayor Bud in his concluding statement said, " We are optimistic that the BBL may be the instrument that will pave the way for a united, and more peaceful Mindanao. The only feasible mechanism that can help jump start the genuine peace that we all want. It is the best means we have in achieving our elusive dream for peace in our collective determination to finally put an end to the decades or even centuries Moro Problem in Mindanao.”