ICSP Scholars meet to finalize VMGO of BIAA

COTABATO CITY- Selected In-Country Scholarship Program (ICSP) Scholars met in Cotabato City to finalize the vision, mission, goals, and objectives (VMGO) of the Bangsamoro ICSP Alumni Association (BIAA).

In a meeting on March 11, 2018 presided by Rhadzni Taalim, BIAA Chair, BIAA officers showed their expertise and optimism to refine and eventually firm up the initially drafted VMGO of the organization under the auspices of Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA).

Prior to the meeting, Dr. Mohammad S. Ya’cob, BDA Executive Director have already expressed his support to the BIAA with the hope that they will help the Bangsamoro become more educated in the most civilized and diplomatic ways.       

“I am hoping that the BIAA, among others, will establish training institution that will help to, at least, more effectively capacitate the Bangsamoro professionals, and other stakeholders,” Dr. Ya’cob said during the meeting.    

Hasim Iskak, President of BIAA also showed his support, and look forward to a successful BIAA’s contribution to the Bangsamoro.

They are very hopeful that the BIAA will become an instrument in strengthening the capacity development of the Bangsamoro.

 “With the help of Allah, and through sincerity and dedication to the association, and commitment of officers and members of BIAA, we can make a difference for the Bangsamoro, ” Iskak said.

Hereunder is the agreed Vision, Mission, Goal, and Objectives of BIAA: 

Vision: An institution of productive and value-oriented professionals working towards unity and sustainable development that shall inspire and serve the Bangsamoro

Mission: Provides avenue for the continuing professional growth where professional expertise is exercised with integrity and accountability in adherence to ethical standard in addressing the current and changing times through self-sustaining organization in the Bangsamoro


1. Establishing a professional institution geared towards research, development, education and social services;

2. Developing pool of experts in planning, development management, education, environment, governance- policy and social sciences;

3. Producing a critical mass of trained human resources capacitated to transfer knowledge to Bangsamoro; and,

4. Strengthening the capacity of the BIAA as an institution to effectively and efficiently perform its function in the Bangsamoro Society.


1. To initiate activities geared towards a holistic development of Bangsamoro;

2. To promote sustainable environment through participatory approach;

3. To conduct educational awareness towards spiritual upliftment; 

4. To upgrade social, cultural, economic, technological and political advocacy of the Bangsamoro;

5. To prepare, make studies and plans (feasibility study, physical plans, programs & project proposals); and

6. To push and participate actively in promoting peace in Mindanao.

Programs of BIAA were also outlined during the meeting and first of which is capacity building. 

BIAA is a newly organized group of ICSP Scholars. ICSP is funded by the Australian Government and facilitated by the Philippines-Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF).