IN PHOTO- Participants to the workshop listen to the presentation of one of the speakers at Bai Fatima Matabay Plang Memorial Gymnasium, Doruloman, Arakan, Cotabato

Stakeholders Set Guidelines for Sustainable Peace

COTABATO CITY – Over 50 highly selected individuals have shown their eagerness and collective efforts to work for sustainable peace held at Hadja Bai Fatima Matabay Plang Memorial Gymnasium, Community Foundation College of Science and Technology (CFCST), Doroluman, Arakan, Cotabato on April 20-22, 2018. 

Under the auspices of Bangsamoro Development Agency- Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) in line with its Peace Building Program, the 3-day Workshop on Sustainable Peace was participated by representatives from various stakeholders from Arakan, Cotabato, such as: United Bangsamoro of Arakan Valley for Peace (UBAVP), Unity and Reconciliation Committee (URC), Muslim Youth Religious Organization (MYRO)-CFCST Chapter, employees and Supreme Student Council (CSSC) of CFCST. 

“Participation to the workshop we were able to set guidelines to ensure that peace becomes sustainable,” said Prof. Anok U. Nonakan, Dorm Manager III, CFCST, and one of the participants. 

“This is the best formula for sustainable peace: a people-centered approach where human beings are transformed to a unique persons where moral and spiritual developments precede over material development,” said Masulot Mintok, UBAVP President. 

Peace and violence mainly rely on how far men and women behave, for it is through them that make what the world would be, explained Musib A. Plang, URC Representative.

“The state of peace and success of any nation depends on how people are enlightened, morally and spiritually,”

 Mintok added.  

“I know that we, the youth are the hope of our nation in the future to achieve lasting peace despite the longest history of bloodshed due to centuries-old injustices perpetrated by colonial powers from some parts of the world. This workshop is an important tool that serves as our guiding principles in attaining sustainable peace, stressed Saddam Abdulwahid, President, MYRO-CFCST Chapter. 

“That is why, we need to establish strong foundation of peace within ourselves,” Plang retorted in response to what Abdulwahid have said. 

“Hence, the people-centered approach is the best way to ensure that moral and spiritual developments precede over material development. This is the most appropriate formula for sustainable development,” said Nonakan during a conversation with the BDA-CenMin Team.

“This is also the best way where the youth are guided in the most upright way to safeguard them from any temptation and makes them free from all kinds of illegal acts and extremist groups,” clarified Mintok during his message of support to the activity.

“So, we thank the BDA for facilitating this workshop as this plays vital role to remind us that attaining sustainable peace in our homeland is neither impossible dream nor an unreachable aspiration as long as the Bangsamoro behave the way it would be along with their utmost collective struggle to regain their right to self-determination in the most diplomatic and civilized ways,” said Kadatuan Makalin, SSC President.  

The BDA-Central Mindanao believes that the Bangsamoro, amidst all the injustices including divide-and-rule tactic committed against them by the oppressors are continuously working hard to empower itself in accordance with the universally accepted norms and standards of international law.