IN PHOTO- Participants listen to the speaker during Islamic Symposium organized by Datu Paglas Teachers Association

Datu Paglas Muslim Teachers Association holds Islamic Symposium

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO (May 16, 2018) --- “Management is a trust and moral responsibility”, said Professor Taher Nalg, during an Islamic Symposium held in this town. The symposium was organized by the Datu Paglas Muslim Teachers’ Association. 

Prof. Nalg is a graduate of one of prominent universities in the middle-east.

“Prayer is a foundation of management, which is a reflection of managing and leading bigger society”, Nalg emphasized.

“The focus of management in Islam is to do good things,” he added.

He said that every person is a shepherd of a flock. Being a shepherd, you are in a position to lead that flock.

“Once Muslims reach three in a group, there must be a manager or a leader among them”, he further said.

In Islamic perspective, management is an integration of both hereafter and world requirements leading to the promotion of goodness and the prevention of evil. Thus, Islamic management is to impose justice and fairness as the aim of man’s creation is to worship Allah alone and seek Allah’s pleasure.