IN PHOTO- MILF Chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim (front, center, in white long sleeves), (on his right) IMT-13 Head of Mission Major Gen. Dato’ Haji Mohd Nazir bin Haji Mami, on his left Bangsamoro Mufti Abuhuraira Udasan, with members of the IMT-13, and members of MILF Central Committee pose for a souvenir photo at the MILF Central Committee Plenary Hall

IMT-13 Pays Courtesy Call to MILF Leadership

Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, May 19, 2018- International Monitoring Team, Mindanao Batch 13 paid Courtesy Call to the leadership of Moro Islamic Liberation Front, at Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao.

This time the delegation was headed by newly arrived Major General Dato' Haji Mohd Nazir Bin Haji Mami, Head of Mission, IMT Mindanao -13. 

The said courtesy call has been delayed due to busy schedule of both parties. As what Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim said during their meeting, "Maybe there is a wisdom for the postponement of this call so it reached the second day of Ramadhan, hence this is a blessed meeting day"

With Chairman Ebrahim are MILF Central Committee members, BIAF Officers, and other Ceasefire Mechanism representatives who were glad to welcome the new batch of IMT. 

Head of Mission Major General Mami delightfully began his message by thanking Allah (SWT) for being able to spend the blessed month of Ramadhan in the area of Bangsamoro and for the chance to serve the peace process.  The foreseen passage of BBL is inspiring for the general that his message touches more on it.  He gave some advice in the event that the most aspired basic law for the Bangsamoro will be achieved. 

"The Bangsamoro Government will be put to test. To achieve success, it needs a lot of hard work and sacrifices. It demands loyalty, sincerity and just.  "He mentioned "rido" (clan feud) that is besetting some areas of Bangsamoro. He is prayerful that all these conflicts will be settled for the good of the Muslim Ummah and other inhabitants of the land.

Chairman Ebrahim has always said before, "The role of the IMT is very important in the Peace Process." He relates how the IMT, and other peace mechanisms were installed for the continuity of the negotiation up to the point where peace documents, FAB and CAB, were signed that took the negotiating parties seventeen years to arrive at. "Undeniably the International Monitoring Team contributes a lot in the peace process' moving forward", he added.

In behalf of the Bangsamoro people, and MILF Central Committee members, whom he acknowledged their presence early on, Chairman Ebrahim conveyed thanks to the International Monitoring for their visit, and assured them of the Front's coordination, and assistance for the success of IMT's mission in peace keeping.