IN PHOTO- Kind-hearted Blood donors wait for their turn during the 37th MBD at CityMall, Cotabato City

Supporters of Muslim Blood Donation increase

COTABATO CITY – A greater number of individuals and stakeholders flocked to the CityMall, Cotabato City during the voluntary mass bloodletting on June 24, 2018 in support to the Muslim Blood Donation (MBD).

Said activity was the 37th MBD since it started in 2008 being conducted by the Regional Management Office of Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), Central Mindanao.

“Along with our years of engagement, side by side with us is the unending support of various personalities and stakeholders that contributed a lot to make this activity extends up to this unforgettable moment,” emphasized Abdulrasheed Ambil, Regional Manager of BDA-Central Mindanao. 

“I said unforgettable because the 37th MBD is a manifestation that along with our sweat-and-blood engagement, supporters of this noble activity are increasing more and more in numbers,” added Ambil. 

“Perhaps, I can’t enumerate them all but, in my quick count, supporters of this initiative are far greater in number compared to our previous engagements,” clarified Ambil.

“The increase in number is a blessing because this is a self-supported activity motivated by pure service to God of the sincere and loyal pool of volunteers,” hinted Ambil. 

As part of strengthening commitment of support, Mahmoud Ahmad, Executive Director of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) also called on his fellow Bangsamoro and anybody with clean heart to strengthen their support to the MBD in good faith. 

Citing a verse in the Noble Qur’an, Ahmad emphasized the importance of donating blood by explaining that just one life saved through blood donation is equivalent to saving the life of the entire humanity. 

Guiamaludin Sampulna, a representative of Bangsamoro Livelihood Enhancement and Development (BMLEAD), said “For us, the increasing number of supporters of MBD is neither assumption nor beyond possibility because intervention of God is in every engagement done with clean intention.” 

“That is why we now see the evident increase in number of supporters of MBD,” Sampulna concluded 

Nazneen Biruar-Piang, R.N., MBD Coordinator, with her family thanked all donors and supporters and wished them with healthy life. 

MBD is branded with its mantra, ‘be a healthy Muslim, share your life, donate blood.’