BCN conducts membership orientation and chapter organizing in Upi, Maguindanao

COTABATO CITY. June 29, 2018 - The Bangsamoro Communication Network, Inc. (BCN) conducted today, June 29 a membership orientation and chaptering at Gians Resto, Upi, Maguindanao.

The delegation of BCN National Officers who conducted the said activity was headed by Emran Muhammad known as " BCon - 29 " founding member, and presently the Chair of the BCN Board of Trustees. 

Also with the delegation were Shiek Muhammad Jamil Esmail, President - Cotabato City Chapter, Dr. Mohamadtaha Pendaliday, Vice President - Cotabato City, Esmael Domato, Salam Kamsa, Abdulnasser Pangansian, Abdulaziz Kasan, Sandro Abdullah and Mustapha Hasim. 

Bangsamoro Communication Network (BCN) is manage by the Joint Management Committee (JMC) headed by Dr.  Norodin Salam known as " BCon - 07."

Its Council of Elders includes Dr. Danda  Juanday, Dr. Rizaldy Piang, Prof. Aboud Syed Lingga, Ustads Esmael Maulana, Haj Yasin Muhamad, Dr. John Maliga and others. 

To date, Bangsamoro Communication Network (BCN) has 22 Chapters in South Central Mindanao with more than 3,000 members complete with VHF Radio Trancievers. 

The BCN National Officers had just granted Upi Chapter a probationary status until its members reaches 50 with complete communication facilities and units as required by their Constitution and By-laws. 

BCN of Upi Chapter has 32 members under its President Alih Anso, Saide Lidasan, VP for Internal Affairs, Anwar Mamintal, VP for External Affairs, Rakim Sinsay, Secretary, Mangandoga Asab, Auditor, and Omar Baningan, Business Manager.      

The newly organized chapter is planning to pay courtesy call to the Office of the Mayor of this town, and intend to apply for accreditation by the Sangguniang Bayan in the coming days.