UBJP-Datu Paglas holds Assembly

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO ---- United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP)-Datu Paglas Chapter held an assembly last February 16, 2017.

“UBJP is the political party of the MILF organized in 2013. This party is an avenue to achieve long lasting peace in Mindanao. We must support this party because it is our party towards self-governance in the Bangsamoro”, Ustadz Khalifa Nando said.

“UBJP can help curb corruption, injustice and violence that are rampant in our midst”, Nando emphasized.

BIAF 109th Base Commander Abas Bukol said that people must learn and understand the history of Bangsamoro so that they can be motivated to support this party. They should be invited to join the party.

“We should exert efforts to strengthen this party through our resources, knowledge and skills”, Bukol further said.

Nando Sultan of UBJP-Datu Pagla said that UBJP is a people’s party. It should be mobilized and strengthened through collective efforts and wisdom of the people.

“We need to build trust and confidence to work together in realizing the UBJP objectives”, Sultan emphasized.  

Other sectors invited were from the academe, women, LGU Datu Paglas, religious leaders and youth organizations like United Youth Action Group, Muslim Youth Brotherhood and Student Body Council of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College.