MILF welcomes 6ID commander to its camp

MILF Chairman Alhaj Murad Ebrahim gladly received 6th Infantry Division Commander Brigadier Gen Cirilito Sobejana who was in Camp Darapanan on Sunday (August 19) for a courtesy visit the latter described as “milestone” in their military careers.

With almost all the brigade commanders and senior military officers of the otherwise known Kampilan Division, BGen Sobejana told Chairman Ebrahim and the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) General Staff that they come to reaffirm their commitment and support for the peace process between the Government of the Philippines and MILF.

BGen Sobejana, said to be waiting for his next “star”, stated that he brought the “full force” of 6th ID to express their support for the MILF in attaining meaningful peace and progress for the Bangsamoro. 

“This historic visit is a great pleasure to the Kampilan family for us to be able to listen to your future programs and development, because as far as you know I have been in this long journey after I graduated from the Academy. I have experienced fighting with different groups ….. but then there is a saying that difficult roads lead to beautiful destination,” Sobejana said.

“We might have been struggling those difficult roads before but we are looking forward to what the MILF Chairman referred to as “light at the end of the tunnel”, he further added. 

On their part, Chairman Ebrahim said that having one of the highest military figures in the region being present in their camp has significant positive manifestations as far as the peace effort between the Moro front and the AFP is concerned. 

He made known that “the MILF and the AFP will soon be partners in building our communities and attending to the welfare of our people… This partnership will last until we achieve peace and prosperity in the Bangsamoro region in general.”

BIAF Chief of Staff Sammy Al-Mansoor described the visit as “a product of our peace efforts, for peace can produce many things, like trust and friendship”.

“Your visit is a clear indication that the relationship of between AFP and MILF is now in the state of harmony,” Al-Mansoor stated.  

He also stressed that they “would like to believe that we have a common interest on the future progress of the people, but we were not able to talk in a negotiating table before. Knowing now that in a war we cannot get enough, but in talking we can get more than what we expect,” he added. 

Among those who accompanied BGen Sobejana were BGen Juvimax Uy (ADC), 601BDE Commander BGen Diosdado Carreon, 602 BDE Commander Col. Alfredo Rosario, Col. Wilbur Mamawag (DBC 603BDE), Col. Robert Dauz (1st Mechanized BDE), and Col. Eugenio Hernadez (1st Marine BDE). ###