ZC Moro Community leaders, Peace Advocates Conduct Planning Activity for Info Drive on BOL

ZAMBOANGA CITY- September 6, 2018. Information-drive campaign on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) in Moro dominated barangays in Zamboanga City was the top agenda discussed during the meeting of Peace advocates and Moro Community Leaders in Barangay Tulungatung on Tuesday.

The joint-effort activity is crucial in raising public understanding on the BOL in order to ensure wider acceptability and encourage active participation in peace-building endeavor especially in Moro predominant barangays in Zamboanga City. 

The Bangsamoro living outside the core areas are entitled to exercise their basic rights, political rights and other privileges such as the right to information, among others. 

The BOL brings promise about inclusive peace and development particularly in Mindanao with a large number of Moros reside outside the core areas of Bangsamoro. As such, we are entitled to enjoy some privileges as stipulated under the provision on Inter-Governmental Relations of BOL, one Moro Community leader said.     

There are more Bangsamoro living in remote barangays who have little knowledge of what is Bangsamoro Organic Law all about, and they will be our first target communities in our information-drive, one of the organizers said. 

Mr. Tirso S. Tahir, Officer from Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) elucidated on the BOL salient provisions and encouraged everyone to share their part in information drive so that both Moros and Christians can avail of right information and clear understanding on BOL. 

Peace is our common concern and development comes from it. Therefore, we need a collective effort to sustain all the gains of the peace process, and together we can reap the benefits, Tahir stressed. 

The meeting was facilitated by Brother Phix from United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) and was organized by Brother Tims and a core group of Peace Advocates. The meeting was also attended by Moro Community Leaders headed by Imam Akob Asta.