IN PHOTO- Provincial Political Committee Chairman Abdulmotalib K. Ismi of Northern Sulu delivering his message during the event (Luwaran)

Panamao-Northern Sulu Holds Joint Municipal and Barangay Political Committee Advocacy on BOL

Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. The Panamao-Northern Sulu Municipal and Barangay Political Committee held a joint advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law in coordination with Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces of 2nd Battalion, 117th Base Command at Ma'ahada Putlih Munawira Isram Al - Islamie, Barangay Lower Patibulan , Panamao, on September 22, 2018.

The advocacy was attended by 150 local folks including officials and members of the political committee.

The participants were received by the Municipal Committee Chairman Rushdy A. Imran who advised them to listen attentively because their decision during the plebiscite on January 21, 2019 would depend on how they understand the BOL.

They also reminded them not to expect any monetary incentives by voting yes for the BOL nor transportation cost during the plebiscite which was usual during local elections.     

Gafur Uttoh of ADHOC Joint Action Group base in ZAMBASULTA advised all MILF combatants to follow all agreements agreed by both Government and the MILF and the recognition of all MILF camps in the area.

IN PHOTO- Participants of BOL advocacy in Panamao, Sulu   

Base Commander of 117th Musackar Abbie explained the virtues of Islam in Qadah wal Qadar " Predestination " that state, a four month old fetus in the womb of their mother that their destiny is already written or recorded what will happen in their lifetime by Allah's will.

Brigade Commander Hadji Unnih Ammad of 2nd Battalion talked about the narratives of peace process from 1976 Tripoli Agreement, the Jeddah Accord, the MOA - AD and the FAB and CAB.      

Judge Musar A. Ammil, President of Bangsamoro Professionals Sulu Chapter focused his message on the opportunities that BOL will bring on socio - economic aspect.     

He said, " If Bangsamoro will be established and sustainable peace will reign in the homeland it will attract foreign investors that solve unemployment and will open economic opportunities for the Bangsamoro people."

Provincial Chairman Abdulmotalib K. Ismi of Northern Sulu appealed to officials and members of the political committee of both Municipal and Barangay to cooperate, coordinate and consult government officials on their respective areas during the campaign period to avoid misunderstanding and give correct information on why the need to vote yes during the plebiscite on BOL.      

SWC Provincial Head Sitti Ruida I. Ismi acted as Master of Ceremony and facilitator in the said event who gave emphasis on the role of Social Welfare Committee (SWC) members to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front ( MILF ) considering that they represented the majority in the organization.