IN PHOTO- Mr. Majid Nur (sitting left) of UBJP-Basilan with eyeglasses

UBJP, CBCS Hold Dialogue with Faculty, Students in Lamitan City

ISABELA, Basilan. United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP), and Consortium on Bangsamoro Civil Society held dialogue with student leaders and faculty members of the Universal College in Lamitan City on BOL on October 8, 2018.

UBJP Basilan Chapter represented by Majid A. Nur, UBJP Education & Training Officer discussed some salient points of the BOL supplemented by Mr. Natan Insung representing CBSC-Basilan Chapter. 

Mr. Insung who spearheaded the dialogue said that it is very important and timely that teachers, and students should be well-informed about the BOL, and the schedule of the plebiscite. Most of the participants are not really familiar about the contents of BOL.

One of the students asked, "What are we going to do during the plebiscite? Mr. Insung answered him that before you answer the question on the ballot, read carefully the question/s. 

Nur clarified that the most important question in the ballot is on ‘inclusion of Isabela and Basilan,” that voters should carefully answer. Nevertheless, both Insung and Nur urged the students-participants to vote yes so that Basilan and Isabela City can join the Bangsamoro.

Mr. Andy Asalul, former Provincial Board member advised the participants to inform their friends and their parents to vote yes on plebiscite day January 21, 2019. 

Another student leader asked about scholarship, "Can we still avail of our scholarship & allowance we are enjoying now from PAMANA when Bangsamoro Government is in place?

IN PHOTO- Students stand during the invocation

Jubaira Said, former City Councilor answered in positive and said that as a government scholarship it would be continued. 

Mr. Crisanto M. Orillo, College Administrator thanked the guests and resource persons for enlightening them on the benefits of joining the Bangsamoro Region.

 He also thanked the student leaders and teachers who participated