2nd Madaris Tarbiyyah held

Sarangani - The Madaris Tarbiyyah Educators conducted Educational Campaign on Preventing Violent Extremism Cum Peace Advocacy in the Municipal Hall of Maasim, Sarangani on November 5, 2018. 

The program is an awareness campaign that aims to inculcate to the participants the salient provisions of Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) as they believed that the law is a major issue that needed to be discussed in public. 

Mohagher Iqbal, Chairman of MILF Peace Implementing Panel and, Commissioner of Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) presented some salient points of Organic Law together with his colleagues from BTC. 

He said, although the Province of Sarangani is not included in the core territory, but still they will enjoy some benefits of development from the Bangsamoro Government. 

It is due to the capacity of the said government (Bangsamoro) to extend some services for the people of Mindanao from its development fund in the future. 

To interpret, "there is no one left behind" in the Bangsamoro Government especially the people of Sarangani because of our recognition to the undying support and commitment for peace. 

He also emphasized the Indigenous People's concern including the migrant settlers, that the BOL not just recognizing their rights but will respect its co- existence. 

“Whatever your practices, beliefs and traditions will be freely exercise by yours as bound by this law, he added. 

Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon expressed his appreciation and support to the BOL and would be happy to see the success of Bangsamoro Government.

I have three (3) reasons why I support the establishment of Bangsamoro Government:  

1st, it is a political solution to the quest of Bangsamoro for peace and not a religious debate. 

2nd, it gives peace a chance for the Bangsamoro people, (the failure of ARMM implementation should not be a justification to not give a chance for Bangsamoro to govern themselves). 

And 3rd,I believed in the capacity of the Bangsamoro to entrench development by their own natural resources and by that, a federal state of government will establish.

He ended his message by saying, “When the Bangsamoro Government succeeds as federal state, then, it will be a role model of good government in the Philippine archipelago.”

He jokingly said, “if that happen, then Sarangani Province will follow through.”

The threat of extremism and terrorism, its effects to regional peace and stability, and how to prevent them were discussed by other speakers.