Sangunian Panglunsod mulls of filing case against opt-in petitioners

Zamboanga City - November 23, 2018 Statement on the reported petitions of some island barangays for inclusion in the bangsamoro.

“As the city had rejected being part of the ARMM not only once but twice, we resoundingly echo our strong and equivocal objection to this move. We reiterate the steadfast stand that the city of Zamboanga should never form part nor be included in the Bangasamoro – now or ever that neither of its ninety eight (98) component barangays not any part/zone/sitio thereof should ever be included in the Bangsamoro – now or ever”

“we call upon all Zamboangueños – Whether Christians, Muslims, or Lumads – to stand united.

Together let us “build a better Zamboanga” under one flag, one nation, one Zamboanga City, united moros

 -Mayor Maria Isabel Climaco Salazar

This is following the reported leakage of petition and resolution for inclusion in the Bangsamoro filed by some officials from the island barangays of Busay, Tumalutab and Landang Guwah before the Commission on Election (COMELEC).

Subsequently, the first and second district councilors of sanguniang panglunsod prompted to summon the petitioners for a day long probe on the matter.

Presided by 1st District veteran Councilor Cesar Jimenes, the petitioners were asked to speak for themselves in their involvement on affixed signatures bearing their names at the petition paper.


One statement after another statement, the petitioners from Barangay Busay straightforwardly denied having affixed their signatures in the petition saying somebody with clever forging hand affixed their signatures.

In the case of lone resolution filed by the good moros in Barangay Landang Guwah, the kagawads admittedly signed the resolution allegedly on the basis of promised project.

As this developed, the atmosphere of criticism is once again on the air. Critics of the Bangsamoro in the city are ridiculously asking these questions to the petitioners, to WIT:

“Where are your Vanguards and Protectors?” “Have you been forsaken by you principals?” 

“Where have gone those brilliant legal luminaries you are boasting for to guide you and protect you?”

“The similitude of your crucial moment now is as a little child crying and calling his mama and papa for help”

Indeed, it is the proper time for the vanguard of the Bangsamoro to come for a swifting rescue for the helpless petitioners who found themselves overwhelmed by political power of Zamboanga City LGU and threat from SP to file case citing “FAKE AND FABRICATED” Petition/Resolution.