CSO-SEED Panelist for Social Enterprise and Conflict Transformation Session. (Photo by: Bangsamoro Multimedia Network (BMN)

Bangsamoro, European social enterprise practitioners share experiences

Makati, Metro Manila – Around twenty (20) Bangsamoro and European Social Enterprise practitioners shared their experiences in social enterprise.

“Development is owned by everyone, it needs a solution that we need to work together,” the ambassador of European Union said during the “National Policy Dialogue on Role of Social Enterprise in Peace Building, Resilience and Sustainability” held at Filipinas Hall, Ascott, Makati, Metro Manila on November 26-27, 2018.

“As a solution to the economic development, people must understand, there is no development without peace,” Franz Jessen, EU Ambassador to the Philippines pointed out.

Jessen said, “In order to achieve it, we need to look up to the security, peace and order and also freedom of people to live as part of their basic rights.”

During the conversation, the Marawi siege was highlighted. They noted that the livelihood of Maranaos were affected by the war.

“However, it doesn’t stop the life of people to face the hardships but they make social enterprise through weaving their own cultural products as their way of recovery, Ms. Pilar Aramayo-Prudencio, Country Director of the British Council said.

John McMullan, Chair, Social Enterprise of Northern Ireland shared that in their experience and studies, social enterprise most likely creates opportunity for women to contribute economic development in different countries.

“Social enterprise clearly creates job opportunity for people and expanding cooperative programs in a larger perspective of business development,” he added.

The participants engaged in a workshop in the second day to craft policy that may cater the role of social enterprise in developing lives of people in the Philippines especially in the Bangsamoro Homeland.