In Photo-MILF-PIP Chair Mohagher Iqbal delivering his message to media personalities during the Media Forum on BOL at Em Manaor, Cotabato City

“Media is the Source of Information and Truth”-Iqbal

Cotabato City - “Media is the source of information and truth,” Mohagher Iqbal, Chair of the MILF Peace Implementing Panel said during the Media Forum on the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) held December 6 at Cyrstal Hall of Em-Manor Hotel, this city.

Iqbal said that the media being the source of information and truth plays a relevant role in educating people in the community. 

He told the media personalities who attended the forum, “Without hurting anyone and discriminating other inhabitants, the importance of knowing and educating the media on the historical background of the Bangsamoro will lead them to disseminate correct information in relation to the Bangsamoro Peace Process.” 

Known media personalities such as visual, radio commentators, writers both local to national including newly organized multimedia group of the Bangsamoro that focuses on social media coverage. 

For the media groups to be able to disseminate accurate information and true stories that are happening in the community specifically in the Bangsamoro, Iqbal mentioned the history of the Moro homeland where the people were oppressed and marginalized for the long decades.

According to him, “the word Moro is defined as pure religious term throughout the globe but it was transformed into a political term that refers to a “Nation.” 

And to make it clear, the term was not called during the creation of the Moro Fronts.” A basic information that they must understand and spread out to this medium of communication to the public. 

The Joint Communication Committee (JCC) was created by the peace implementing panels for the purpose of helping the panels to establish proper communications in delivering relevant information about the peace process. 

The said event is part of the implementation of the JCC mandate where they see the significant role of media groups in helping them educate the tri-people living in the homeland.

The media personalities were also briefed about R.A. 11054 as Organic Law for the Bangsamoro for Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) that comprehensively recognizes the people’s rights for self-governance, addresses historical injustices and marginalization against them, discrimination, land dispossession issues, their identity who have been denied to them for many years, and corrupted their minds by colonizers. 

Atty. Jose Lorena, Commissioner Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) emphasized that the BOL resolves the Bangsamoro questions that will put an end to the injustices and marginalization committed to its people, will provide mechanism that will strengthen its sustainability to justice, and will provide an effective governance for in the region.” 

Iqbal ended his presentation by saying, “BOL is a political solution that establish political rights of its people in which the formula is to resolve the issue on peace and security, progress and development of the Bangsamoro. And in relation to the Cotabato City, the future of this City lies on the journey of this organic law.”