Bombing in Cotabato City

It is too early to say who was or were responsible for the deadly blast that occurred in Cotabato City last December 31 that killed four persons and wounded more than ten others. It is bad to speculate.

However, sooner or later, the perpetrators would hopefully be identified because CCTV cameras (not in South Seas Mall) had captured the explosion including the suspected perpetrators.

Moreover, human activity is determined by motive. Only insane person does not have motive in doing thing, because he or she is controlled by the sub-conscious mind. It is similar to when one is dreaming; it is the same sub-conscious mind which is in control.

Certainly, in this case, those behind the dastardly act were not insane people. The blast was deliberately planned and executed – and perfectly timed when people in frenzy to buy food items, gifts, clothing for the year the next day.

Who therefore has the motive to undertake that evil act? Or to be more precise, who will gain from the chaos that ensued? Does it have connection with the forthcoming plebiscite on January 21? Of course, we do not know and we do not want to speculate. Let us leave the matter to investigators to determine who the perpetrators are and their motive.

Of course, the immediate suspects would be the violent extremist groups, because their forte and happiness is to commit mass murders and bloody mess where innocent civilians are the victims. They feel gratified if people suffer and are sent to their graves or hospitals.

Would there be other possible suspects?

The answer is yes, because in the past, similar incidents have been resorted to viciously by the spoilers in order to derail the Bangsamoro peace process. The BOL is a culmination point in the long search for peace in Mindanao. Thus, they have more reasons now to frustrate the BOL in the forthcoming plebiscite. In fact, they have more to lose rather than to gain if BOL is pursued or ratified. It is a last-ditch tactic to arrest the impending victory of the BOL on January 21 plebiscite.

We are calling for all and sundry to forge ahead with the same resolve as before so that we may finally achieve peace through the ratification of the BOL. All peace-loving citizens in the city of Cotabato to stand united in securing our community and ensuring that peace will finally reign in our homeland. This is not the time to be divided. This Is the time to stand united.