Bai Sandra Sema (Photo by Rocky Nazareno | Manila Bulletin)

Moro Lawmakers predict an orderly, clean BOL plebiscites

“The plebiscite tomorrow will be the most orderly and peaceful election exercise,” predicted Deputy Speaker Bai Sandra Sema (LP, Maguindanao), together with Reps. Amihilda Sangcopan (Anak Mindanao) and Mauyag Papandayan (NUP, Lanao del Sur).

This prediction is based on government forces, MILF, and MNLF joining hands in securing the conduct of the plebiscite for the ratification of R.A. Act No. 11054 or BARMM tomorrow.

The lawmakers also aired the optimism of a landslide victory for supporters of the BOL.

In a press conference, Sema said that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Moro National Liberation Front have joined the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in helping guarantee orderly polls to be held on January 21 and February 6.

“Our Army and our PNP (Philippine National Police) are on top of the situation, and considering that the MNLF and the MILF are also part of those securing the areas, we have here a combined effort of the state forces and the MILF,” said Sema as quoted by the Manila Bulletin on January 16.

Sangcopan and Mauyag are confident budgetary issues have already been addressed.

Sangcopan said the COMELEC has made assurances that there will be no financial constraints that will prevent the holding of a successful poll exercise. She said the poll body will be using its savings to finance the elections.

Sangcopan said voters will decide on January 21 whether or not they approve of the implementation of RA 11054, explained Sangcopan.

According to Papandayan, Sulu is the only area where they expect opposition to BOL.

He said they anticipate a landslide victory notwithstanding the sparse objection in Sulu.

“We are not only positive, optimistic, we are also very happy that the BOL is being welcomed and embrace by our people on the ground,” Sema said as quoted by the Manila Bulletin.